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I’m sick as a dog, so I’ll just leave you with this list of state-by-state registration dates, and sites that can help you register to vote. At the risk of sounding insulting, I’ll state the obvious: if you don’t register you can’t vote.

If you use this link, you will be counted as someone who registered to vote because of the net neutrality issue, and the Save the Internet coalition will be able to brag about how many voters we have on our side to politicians when trying to convince them to support net neutrality.
If you believe that the Internet is a series of tubes then use this link, and it’ll just be a regular voter registration.
Alabama October 27
Alaska October 8
Arizona October 9
California October 23
Colorado October 10
Connnecticut October 24
Florida October 10
Georgia October 10
Illinois October 10
Indiana October 10
Iowa October 28
Kansas October 23
Kentucky October 10
Louisiana October 9
Maine October 17
Maryland October 17
Massachusetts October 18
Michigan October 10
Minnesota pre-reg. October 17*
Missouri October 11
Montana October 10
Nebraska October 20
Nevada October 7
New Jersey October 17
New Mexico October 10
New York October 13
North Carolina October 13
Ohio October 10
Oregon October 17
Pennsylvania October 10
Rhode Island October 17
South Carolina October 7
South Dakota October 23
Tennessee October 8
Texas October 10
Utah October 10
Vermont October 28
Virginia October 10
Washington October 8
West Virginia October 17
Wisconsin October 19
*Any Minnesotans care to tell the rest of us what pre-registration is all about?

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3 Responses to Register to Vote

  1. Joseph j7uy5 says:

    And if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain.

  2. Michael Hopkins says:

    Another list of deadlines including election links and in some cases links to form needed to register to vote.
    Your list is abridged. Lets fill in the gaps.
    Arkansas: 30 days before (Math comes out to Sunday, Oct 8 but news reports say Oct 9).
    Deleware: 21 days before (Oct 17)
    Idaho: 25 days before (Oct 13). (Unable to confirm via news reports)
    Mississippi: 30 days before (Math Oct 8, news says Oct 7)
    New Hampshire: 10 days before (Oct 28) (Unconfirmed)
    North Dakota: No registration needed (Nov 7)
    Oklahoma: 25 days before (Oct 13).
    Wyoming: 30 days before (Math gives Oct 8 but that is a Sunday so don’t assume it).
    District of Colombia: 30 days before (See Wyoming).

  3. James Taylor says:

    “And if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain.”
    No, the right to complain is protected by the First Amendment. However, it is imperative to the health of the nation to vote.

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