Quote of the Day: The HPV Vaccine Edition

From Kristine at Amused Muse:

People are always pointing at scientists and screaming, “Why don’t you find a cure for cancer?” Well, now that scientists finally have, loopy-loo fundies deny the treatment for their daughters! Screw them. Not only should this vaccination be required for all young girls, any parent who seriously thinks that this “encourages immorality” should have his or her children taken away. They aren’t fit to be parents.

Pregnancy as punishment, cancer as coercion. Welcome to Bush’s America.
Prayer for Peace

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3 Responses to Quote of the Day: The HPV Vaccine Edition

  1. Stogoe says:

    whenever I see that poster, I choose to think of Washington and Lincoln as a sort of spiritual honor guard making sure Chimpy actually goes through with his seppuku, saving some shred of honor and dignity of his former office.
    Say what you will about shame, it’s effective.

  2. somnilista, FCD says:

    That poster is unfortunately not three dimensional, or you would see that Lincoln and Washington are holding Dubya up while Jefferson and Madison (in front of the frame) trade off slugging him in the gut.

  3. Friend Fruit says:

    George W. Bush says, “It’s flawed logic.” Just what I need, logic lessons from the Chimp in Chief.

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