Appeasing Bush

With all the Neville Chamberlain talk flying around, the neocons are right about one thing: there has been too much appeasement. Appeasement of Bush, that is. tristero writes about the rattling of sabers–and nukes–at Iran (boldface mine):

As for Iran, let me explain: YOU may think it’s highly unlikely – the famous 1% probability, as a commenter mentioned – that Bush won’t use nukes and is setting us up for conventional warfare. That is because you are sane and sensible. But the Bush administration thinks it’s very likely. Hersh is alarmingly clear that there was close to a mutiny at the highest levels of the military recently until the nuclear option was taken off the table vis a vis Iran. Now, do you think it’s still off the table? Don’t be naive. Remember TIA and how it was scuttled? But what’s all this brouhaha I hear about mass data mining of information the Bush administration has no business looking at whatsoever?
Folks, many people have made the mistake of misunderestimating Bush again and again. He can’t be that stupid. He can’t be that vindictive or violent. He can’t be that immature. He can’t be that incapable of remorse or that messianic and delusionally religious.
It’s time to face the fact that Bush is all these things and many more. He has been consistent from the earliest days of his regime – consistently incompetent, delusional, and violent. He does not bluff. He does exactly what he wants to do. And there is nothing he wants more right now than to use nukes on Iran. It’s not merely because he’s a kid with a cool popgun, but one shouldn’t misunderestimate his impulsiveness and immaturity. It’s also because he, and the other rightwing lunatics genuinely believe that since 1945, liberals have severely crippled America by making such a big deal out of nukes. By all means, check out Curtis Lemay’s “America is in Danger” for an historical example (late 60’s) of this delusion. How are we crippled? Well, according to them, by refusing to use nukes, America fights bloody prolonged conflicts that are difficult to conclude with decisive victories.

This is the Coalition of the Sane, signing off.

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  1. SLC says:

    I certainly hope that the use of nuclear munitions is on the table. Given the current mess in Iraq, the use of nuclear munitions is probably the only hope of stopping the madman Amadinejad from getting his finger on the nuclear trigger. If you think Bush is insane, he is the picture of perfect sanity compared to Amadinejad. As for mutiny at the highest levels of the military establishment, any generals balking at an order to attack with nuclear munitions should be removed from command immediately, if not sooner.

  2. Friend Fruit says:

    Bush now offers lessons in logic:

    “If there’s any comparison between the compassion and decency of the American people and the terrorist tactics of extremists, it’s flawed logic,” Bush said. “It’s just � I simply can’t accept that.”

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