This Is How To Respond to Slimy Political Ads

Damn. Just watch the ad. That is how you hit back against sliming. Now if only Democratic consultants would do this more often…

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4 Responses to This Is How To Respond to Slimy Political Ads

  1. chezjake says:

    That’s very well done. First time I’ve ever had a reason to be proud of living in NY20.

  2. Mike, great video! I was totally surprised/confused by this initially. I thought it was merely an inspirational clip from the movie. What a brilliant ad! You’re so right. I wish they would do this kind of thing, or anything as creative and effective as this, more often.

  3. coturnix says:

    Absolutely brilliant!

  4. Agent of Goldstein says:

    Thank God democrats never do anything slimey.
    No sireee!!

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