Brad DeLong on Experts and Amateurs

Brad DeLong is one of those really smart people who I would never want to be really angry at me when the facts don’t support me. Why? Because he writes bits like this:

There is a certain horrifying fascination in watching the right wing’s minions and useful idiots in the press attempt to attack Paul Krugman on matters of economic substance. The Mickey Kauses, the Andrew Sullivans, the Donald Luskins, the Danny Okrents–all seem unarmed men in a battle of wits, or perhaps an air assault by a circular firing squad of flying attack monkeys.

Ouch. Another pissed off expert.

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1 Response to Brad DeLong on Experts and Amateurs

  1. skunqesh says:

    I really dug Steve Dutch’s disclaimer. It totally rocks! (no pun). BTW – I’d make my own, but my idiocy is self evident. I think I know what I know, and don’t know – but am never completely sure. Jack of all trades, masters of.. mol bio. Which do’n mean much since I’ve been funneled via circumstance into small pharma – where incidentally you’ll find lot’s of folks like the dentist described by steve’s friend, but even creepier (think Dr. Szell “is it Safe?”).
    I didn’t quite follow the DeLong article analyses/time line, but partisan economic analysis makes my skin crawl, so I’ll have to go back and try to read it again. ug.

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