Some Sunday Reading

Here’s some Sunday reading for you:

  1. Athenae at First Draft argues that those “taken in by Bush’s blather would have to admit they wanted to feel good about themselves more than they wanted 2,500 American soldiers to live.” A must read.
  2. Over at mahablog, there’s a great post about profilling and terrorism-related hyperventilation.
  3. Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone on Joe Lieberman: “People are tired of being told who can and cannot win. As it turns out, they get to decide that for themselves.”
  4. Matt Stoller explains why the Lamont-Lieberman race matters.
  5. Devilstower at Political Cortex makes some very interesting suggestions to Democrats about how to work the media refs better
  6. Pam at Pandagon has discovered the Cinnabomber
  7. Someone other than DarkSyde at DailyKos writes about microbes. Send some linky love.
  8. Hugh Hefner is really creepy. No, I mean really creepy.


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  1. coturnix says:

    Ahem…links (#2 to Maha and #8 to Pandagon)?

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