A Chicago Immigrant: A Tale of Two Constituencies

What’s shocking is the utter silence from the White House about the immigration story unfolding in Chicago. Remember, this is the same administration that interrupted the president’s vacation for the Terry Schiavo incident. So when it really matters politically the White House is willing to move. But they’ve remained mysteriously quiet on this.

First, the story. An illegal immigrant whose son is a seven-year old U.S. citizen is to be deported back to Mexico. She refuses to leave and has sought sanctuary in a church. Right now, I’m sure Karl Rove is hoping this goes away quietly. On the one hand, to not do anything will anger (further anger?) the Republicans’ anti-immigrant base. And this is quite a rabid bunch.
On the other hand, raiding a Methodist church will not play well among the conservative Christian base, many of whom are more sympathetic towards illegal immigration (and also really don’t like federal raids on churches). Deportation would also completely obliterate Ken Mehlman’s dreams of gaining Latino votes (although the Republicans seem to have done a pretty good job of that all by their lonesomes).
Right now, it looks like the White House is in hunker-down and hope it blows over mode.

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