Some Monday Reading

Here’s some interesting articles I pulled off the internets for you:

  1. Publius argues “The fact that Iraq was so incompetently executed is actually the least of its problems. The bigger problem is that the idea of it represented a staggering failure of vision and judgment in terms of anti-terrorism policy. It’s simply not possible to devise an anti-terrorism policy more at odds with the nature of the threat facing us.”
  2. An interesting NY Times magazine article by Michael Young on how Hizbollah relates to the Lebanese political scene (as opposed to the War on Terra).
  3. Neil the Ethical Werewolf argues that any movement that could establish a third party would be strong enough to takeover an established party.
  4. A good post about NYC mayor Bloomberg, education and Joe Lieberman by jkdism. Which leads me to ask a very simple question: why don’t private schools have to follow No Child Left Behind. If they’re not up to snuff, shut them down.
  5. Matt Stoller writes about how and why “the sad hijacking of Jewish political activism by right-wing neoconservative crazies” came to be.
  6. Also, from the NY Times magazine, an article on microbiology and obesity.
  7. digby describes how the Democrats are finally through wandering the desert of the culture wars–even though it took forty years
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