Sen. Allen (R-VA) Plays to the Republican Base…

…and calls a dark-skinned man of Indian descent a monkey. When viewed with his other forms of sociopathy, I’ll ask once again: can the Republicans please nominate a presidential candidate who isn’t cracked in the head? (Just in case).
From a historical perspective, a VA congressman once referred to Chain Bridge which connects VA and DC as “the longest bridge in the world, since it goes from VA to Africa.” That was a few decades ago though. George Allen: he wants to party like it’s 1959.
Update: Atrios points out that “macaca” is a nasty slur directed at North Africans. Who knew Allen was an internationalist?
(more from the Washington Post)

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3 Responses to Sen. Allen (R-VA) Plays to the Republican Base…

  1. quitter says:

    Hey, what’s your source on that Allen quote about the bridge to Africa? It’s totally in character but I can’t find an online reference to it.

  2. It wasn’t Allen. It was by former Republican congressman Parris circa 1985.

  3. quitter says:

    Ahh, I see now. I misread.

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