Double Down on Red.

Blood red that is. At DailyKos, Hunter elegantly describes the Peter Pan Right:

No beating around the bush, here: with talk of “World War III” and the blessed “opportunity” of the expanded bloodshed, conservatives and neoconservatives are positively giddy in their proclamations of who else — which cities, which people — need to die next, in the service of the city on the hill that can be built on their bones.
A Larger War is, as I have said before, a monkey’s paw. Fuck the devil; there are wishes here to be granted, if you ask for them properly. There are political futures to be determined, and a second bite at the almost-lost Iraq apple.
So one by one, the champions of Larger War shed their humanity like the spring melts of an ancient range, civilization, compassion, and basic decency flowing from them in trickles and torrents in creeks and rivers, the shed blankets revealing, in the suddenly brilliant sun, jagged and craggy features. Under the better things, humanity still retains the old primal shape. Watching the most crass televised architects of primality, you get the distinct impression of more ancient beasts clad roughly in borrowed human skin, men whose intellects exist only to provide a context for their omnipresent suits; hatred brightened with a necktie.

Read the whole thing.

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