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Note to Krugman: The Role of the Public Intellectual Is to Speak Truth to Power, Not to Apologize For Power’s Misuse

Like many who actually don’t think devil-take-the-hindmost is good public policy, I’m incredibly disappointed in this post by NY Times columnist and economist Paul Krugman. This is not hard. This is not “agonizing.” Quite simply, it is indecent. It should … Continue reading

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Why Technobrat Pundits Drive Me Nuts

Well, there are a lot of reasons why, but this takedown of Dylan Matthews sums it up nicely (boldface mine): Matthews, a fresh-out-of-Harvard writer for Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog at the Post, is one of a new breed of journalists: the … Continue reading

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Dear Dems and Center for American Progress, Do You Realize UR DOING IT WRONG?

And by “it” I mean basic economics. By way of Digby, we come across this post from the Center for American Progress (CAP), which has been tweeted by President Obama’s team, with the following graphic: Michael Linden, an economist for … Continue reading

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Crony Capitalism: Neo-Liberal, Third Way Style

Chicago-style corruption isn’t what it used to be. Former Obama chief of staff and current mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel has developed an ‘infrastructure trust’ to repair Chicago’s roads, rails and schools. Naturally, needless rent extraction by private entities is … Continue reading

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We Need to Rebuild, Not Stimulate

And in some cases, build new stuff. Like a smart electrical grid–not that my desire to do so has anything to do with part of Boston’s power grid going down. Again. One of the things I hated during the discussion … Continue reading

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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: The Co-opted Sierra Club Edition

Author and environmentalist Sandra Steingraber explains her decision to ‘break up’ with the Sierra Club (boldface mine): But more than a month has past since your executive director, Michael Brune, admitted in Time magazine that the Sierra Club had, between … Continue reading

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Precocious Progressive Bloggers and Economic Class

Admittedly, the full-throttled theocratic batshitloonitarianism on display during the Republican Krazy Klown Kar Circus presidential primary is quite a distraction, but one thing I’ve noticed, especially in the response last year to Occupy Wall Street, is that the precocious progressive … Continue reading

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