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Oil Regulation and Why Obama and Many Progressives Need to Appreciate the Value of Losing

This is something that the too-smart-for-their-own-good Democratic political operatives and their progressive apologists always fail to understand: you have to create your own opportunities for good politics.
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BP and Revenge of the NerdsExperts

You can’t just get some ‘good folks’ together and build a light water reactor.
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Obama’s BP Fallout and Why You Don’t Deliberately Piss on Your Base

What I learned while being forced to watch cable TV.
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Post-Partisanship, Oil Drilling, and the Danger of Triangulating Against Your Rank and File

Obama’s kinder, gentler “Drill, baby, drill” is looking short-sighted.
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Blackflies, Caribou, and Conservative Talking Points

If Republicans claim that oil pipelines are good for caribou, I wonder what they’ll make of the blackfly outbreak in Maine. Yes, Congressman Bachmann is involved.
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“The Next Right” on Oil: Saudi Silliness

A conservative asks, “How did the GOP get stuck “Defending Big Oil” again?” A picture explains everything.
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A New and Improved Automobile Engine?

Yes, we can build a cleaner and more powerful car engine.
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Bush Can Just Make You Crazy

By way of Litbrit at Shakespeare’s Sister, I came across a Greg Palast article about possible motivations for a troop increase in Iraq. Palast writes (bold in original; italics mine):
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