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The Last Eight Years of Governance in a Diplomatic Nutshell

Unqualified people of any age should not take jobs that involve making these kinds of personnel decisions.
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A Tale of Two Polls

Just how bad are Bush’s approval ratings?
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Never Mind Your Peace Dividend, It’s the Cold War All Over Again

A resounding success of the Bush Doctrine. Erm, not so much.
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Bush Is Restoring Dignity to the White House

In case you need to induce vomiting for some reason, here’s an image for you. Seriously, I think Bush’s image handlers are just mailing it in at this point.
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Reporting on the Bush Disaster: Bestest Satire EVAH!

Any time there’s a send up of news anchors, disaster coverage, and George Bush, it’s worth watching.
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How the Bush Administration Makes Tinfoil Helmet Terrority Seem Sane

Anthrax–this exemplifies how the Bush Administration drives the country insane: we don’t even have a good grasp on what qualifies as the surreal anymore.
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NEJM Blasts Bush’s Stand on S-CHIP

S-CHIP, another successful Republican policy: ideology trumps economics, they screw over people who aren’t their political base, hurt thousands of children, violate federal law, and act by fiat.
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