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Fishweir on the Common

So there’s a fish weir on the Boston Common for the next few weeks: Here’s the reason why there is a giant fence in the middle of Boston designed to catch fish.

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On Boston’s Fishweirs and the Demise of Coral Reefs

Andrew Revkin, in response to a NY Times op-ed claiming that the coral reefs are doomed, finds some other marine ecologists who disagree. Frank Bruno states: It is scary, but is it true? I don’t think so. I have been … Continue reading

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I Want a Fish Robot

The Harvard Museum of Natural History has one: Stick some laser beams on it and we’re ready to go! Unfortunately, this is the only version I could possibly afford: Not nearly as snazzy-looking.

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Fabulous Friday Fish Phylogenetics

If you haven’t been to the Harvard Museum of Natural History in a while, they’ve recently revamped the fishes exhibit. It still is full of all sorts of weird fish, but now it actually discusses evolution (TEH DARWINISMZ! AAAIEEE!!). Without … Continue reading

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This Patient Is Not Following Orders

So these were the doctor’s orders: And so what does the patient do? Well: Swimming all around the tank? Back and forth, back and forth? Is that what you call rest? Get with the program, pal. I guess balloonfish are … Continue reading

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A Dead Salmon: Bestest Control Experiment EVAH!

That’s one very smart, and very dead, salmon.
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Craziest Looking Fish EVAH!

Imagine a fish with eyes that slide around in its head–which looks like a fighter cockpit.
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