Links 11/17/23

Links for you. Science:

Now we know how COVID attacks your heart: Even patients with mild COVID symptoms could face a higher risk of developing heart disease and stroke
Long-hidden ruins of vast network of Maya cities could recast history
Pain, fatigue, fuzzy thinking: How long COVID disrupts the brain
Accuracy of package inserts of SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen tests: a secondary analysis of manufacturer versus systematic review data
U.S. Syphilis Cases in Newborns Continue to Increase: A 10-Times Increase Over a Decade
Easy, fast and reproducible Stochastic Cellular Automata with ‘chouca’


Who Wants a One-State Solution? Ignoring the national aspirations of Palestinians and Israelis won’t solve their conflict. (excellent, gift link: “Neither Israelis nor Palestinians are going anywhere, and neither will give up their national identity… Israel can and must be pushed to end the occupation of the Palestinian territories and stop the obstruction of Palestinian sovereignty. But neither it nor Palestine can be pushed to commit ethno-national suicide.”)
“You’re Telling Me That Thing Is Forged?”: The Inside Story of How Trump’s “Body Guy” Tried and Failed to Order a Massive Military Withdrawal
Transcript: Ezra Klein Interviews Yossi Klein Halevi (file this under ‘you need to empathize, not necessarily sympathize; an important read, so gift link)
Pro-Hitler and Holocaust denier account: X has paid me $3,000 in ad revenue sharing
Disturbances In The Discourse
The Most Revealing Moment From My Trip to Israel (I think the actual Trump plan is a non-starter, but there is a policy vacuum here)
Freeway Disaster Presents Hurdle for Newsom’s National Ambitions
The Squad Is About to Fight for Its Political Life: The war in Gaza has set the stage for a huge primary battle in 2024. (American Jews deserve much better ‘leadership’ of Jewish organizations)
Republicans Don’t Do Persuasion Any More
Doubt It
Silicon Valley’s Big, Bold Sci-Fi Bet on the Device That Comes After the Smartphone: Humane, a company started by two former Apple employees, says its new artificial intelligence pin can stop all the scrolling. Can it live up to the hype? (this seems like it could be really annoying in public places; also, seems to lack privacy)
The MAGA Cinematic Universe
‘Now, Now, Now, All of Them’: The Pain and Fear of Israel’s Hostage Families
‘Erase Gaza’: War Unleashes Incendiary Rhetoric in Israel
Google shares 36% of its revenue with Apple
How To Kill a Superhero: Hollywood embraces a desperate strategy—canceling franchise films before they’re released
Televising Trump’s trial would make Jack Smith’s job harder. Here’s why it should be allowed anyway. Trump claims he wants cameras in the courtroom for his federal trial, but he has to know it would backfire
Like a loaded weapon
Moorpark professor arrested in death of Jewish protester Paul Kessler in Thousand Oaks
Israel’s Opposition Leader Slams Netanyahu, Proposes New Gov’t Led by Another Likud Member
A Satanic Abortion Clinic Named After The Mother Of Supreme Court Justice Alito Is Open in New Mexico
‘Our Struggle Has Been United’: Why Local Black Activists Are Backing Palestinians In Their Calls For A Ceasefire (ignoring the Jews involved, some of whom likely were in favor of a two-state solution)
Hundreds of Metro Detroit Jews stranded at D.C. airport by ‘malicious’ bus drivers
Israel and the Laws of War—A Conversation with Neve Gordon
The Question of Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism

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3 Responses to Links 11/17/23

  1. Roger Lambert says:

    The Palestinians do NOT have national aspirations. If they did, they would have made a new state, or at least talked about it, when Jordan occupied the West Bank for 19 years from 1948 – 1967. In fact, the PLO put out a position in their Charter that they had NO aspirations for their own state. They were happily Jordanian citizens with the passports to prove it during this time span.

    Their only aspiration, their mission is to destroy Israel. How many times must they say it out loud before it is believed. We have the statements of the directors of the PLO, the PA, Arafat himself saying so.

    Not only is the two-state “solution” dead, one must wonder whether it is even ethical to propose it, given that the Palestinians profess their intention of the destruction of Israel and have official government policy of using terrorism to achieve it.

    Besides, there already IS a Palestinian state in Palestine – it is called Jordan. It has the moral obligation to take back its own citizens.

  2. Roger Lambert says:

    Btw, your “gift link” doesn’t work.

  3. Gingerbaker says:

    Btw, your “gift link” doesn’t work.

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