Links 11/14/23

Links for you. Science:

Immunological profiling in long COVID: overall low grade inflammation and T-lymphocyte senescence and increased monocyte activation correlating with increasing fatigue severity (important, but note that it does not necessarily imply that mild cases without long COVID sequelae lead to T-lymphocyte senescence)
Escaped Zoo Owl May Be On A Futile Search For Love, And People Can Relate: Flaco, who flew the coop at the Central Park Zoo months ago, doesn’t know there are no wild owls of his kind in North America.
Substantial light woodland and open vegetation characterized the temperate forest biome before Homo sapiens
Single-haplotype comparative genomics provides insights into lineage-specific structural variation during cat evolution
Treebuilding common E. coli strains
Volcanic earthquakes in Iceland: How does the recent swarm compare with previous ones?


If Progressives Don’t Like Biden’s Gaza Position, Wait Till They Learn About Trump’s
Trump suggests he would use FBI to go after political rivals if elected in 2024. Trump said: ‘If I happen to be president and I see somebody doing well and beating me very badly, I say go down and indict them’
Sweeping Raids, Giant Camps and Mass Deportations: Inside Trump’s 2025 Immigration Plans
Joe Manchin, Jeff Weaver, and Jill Stein Walk Into a Bar…
‘Absolutely not OK.’ T plan for subway shutdowns to eliminate slow zones draws commuter ire, relief.
Why It’s Important to Defend Representative Rashida Tlaib Against Censure, Whether or Not We Agree With Her
How Racism Underpins the U.S.’ Homelessness Problem
Forget the Polls—Here’s What Actual Election Results Can Tell Us About 2024
Vacancy in Boston-area lab space climbs to 10-year high
The Pentagon’s Flailing Campaign Against Hate
Middle East war spurring ‘sharp increase’ in hate crimes across New England and nation
Grimes Says Elon Musk Evaded Being Served With Child Custody Papers At Least 12 Times
The question remains: Why did Hamas attack Israel?
The Art World’s Russian Prisoner Dilemma: A fight over a century-old portrait, which ended up in Chicago after being uprooted by the Nazis, has the potential to reshape the landscape of art ownership disputes and even draw in the Biden administration.
Exposure of brothels that catered to the elite spotlights how legal system treats buyers and sellers in sex trade
Mike Johnson’s Favorite Anti-Porn App Has a Dark, Creepy History
Sticking It To The Wokes
Silicon Valley Liberal-tarians
“Faith and Family” vs Democracy: On the normalization of Mike Johnson, the media’s inclination to accommodate power, and the perpetuation of “real American” extremism
There’s a model for democratizing AI: It’s SAG-AFTRA’s strike and victory
Texas activist David Barton wants to end separation of church and state. He has the ear of the new U.S. House speaker.
The death of Jezebel is the end of an era of feminism. We’re worse off without it
The Covid inquiry has laid bare the government’s dereliction of duty: A member of Independent Sage on how British policymakers made up decisions as they went along in the aftermath of the first wave.
The Authoritarianism Is The Point: Why is the Trump campaign so loudmouthed about its autocratic policy plans?
The Extreme Ambitions of West Bank Settlers (note that she is essentially the equivalent of David Duke or Paul Gosar and is considered extremist in Israel)
Inside the Israeli Crackdown on Speech: Since the October 7th attack, Palestinians and peace activists in Israel have increasingly been targeted by employers, universities, government authorities, and right-wing mobs.

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