Links 11/8/23

Links for you. Science:

Giant Pyramid Buried in Indonesia Could Be The Oldest in The World
The genetic heritage of the Denisovans may have left its mark on our mental health
SARS-CoV-2 exploits innate miscommunication for persistence
Wild pig-like animals are tearing up an Arizona golf course. The internet is delighted
Strep throat rising in some areas of the country: Some children’s hospitals report a “significant increase” in the bacterial infection as a widely used antibiotic that can stop the spread is in short supply. (it does appear there’s some kind of linkage between Streptococcus infections and a previous COVID infection in kids)
Translucent microbe deviates from universal genetic code


An Open Letter To My Friends Who Signed “Philosophy for Palestine” (important points about ‘settler-colonial theory’ by an actual political philosopher)
Grieving Two Peoples: A conversation with Noam Shuster-Eliassi, the Israeli comedian and peace activist, on living through the hell of physical war and the turbulence of social media distortion—and the complexity of grieving for both the Israelis and Palestinians. (must-read; gift link)
Six Members of My Family Are Hostages in Gaza. Does Anyone Care?
Everyday User: Taylor Lorenz’s hit parade of internet stars
Taking the Trump Davidians Seriously. And: What does “Come Retribution” really mean?
Biden and Netanyahu Look Headed for a Breakup on Unqualified U.S. Support for the Gaza War
Healthcare Utilisation of 282,080 Individuals with Long COVID Over Two Years: A Multiple Matched Control Cohort Analysis (UK)
A Biden goal is restraining Israel ‘through the bear hug’: Hussein Ibish explains the president and the Israel-Hamas war.
Alabama Mayor Kills Self After Right-Wing Blog Outs His Cross-Dressing
Trump and allies plot revenge, Justice Department control in a second term. Advisers have also discussed deploying the military to quell potential unrest on Inauguration Day. Critics have called the ideas under consideration dangerous and unconstitutional.
New SAT Data Highlights the Deep Inequality at the Heart of American Education
You can’t soundproof your home. But you can make it much quieter.
Good Luck With That
This old-school building material could take over city skylines
Imagine There’s No People
A Tangle of Rules to Protect America’s Water Is Falling Short
CDC panel backs looser guidance on hospital masking
The Tunnel War: From the air soldiers breathe to the guns they fire, everything is different underground.
People’s CDC Public Comment on HICPAC
Egypt’s Puzzling Role in the Israel-Hamas War: The country that used to control the Gaza Strip is helping Palestinians — but only up to a point.
The Water Wars Deciding the Future of the West
Thousands rally in Tel Aviv for hostages; Netanyahu critics renew Jerusalem protests
The Shadowy Right-Wing Think Tank Pushing Transphobia
No One Understands Corporate Boycotts Like This Former Trump Researcher: Corporate America is a new battlefield in US politics, and Matt Oczkowski’s insights have become key to navigating the culture wars. (empathy, not sympathy)
The world very nearly adopted a calendar with 13 months of 28 days
NYT Keeps Downplaying Trump’s Past Retribution Tour

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