Links 11/5/23

Links for you. Science:

Asteroid dust caused 15-year winter that killed dinosaurs
Rabbit Haemorrhagic Virus is spreading like Ebola
Recovery: Saving American Burying Beetles, Nature’s Undertakers
Face masks ward off covid-19, so why are we still arguing about it?
Mouse Mummies Show Life Persists in Mars-like Environment
What is quantum entanglement? Part 7: What does it all mean?


Thinking about Israel, Gaza, and the Laws of War
The Culture of Corporate Criminal Impunity Continues: Attorney General Merrick Garland continues to let big companies skate.
Misrepresentation and Nonadherence Regarding COVID-19 Public Health Measures
I Grew Up in Mike Johnson’s District, Where Kindness Can Mask Cruelty
Boris Johnson believed old people should be let contract Covid-19 to protect economy, inquiry hears
The great UFO debate: Did the US just spot a simple ballon?
One Regulation Could Have Stopped a Nationwide Car Theft Wave. Why Don’t We Have It?
Verified Hate Speech Accounts Are Pivoting to Palestine for Clout and Cash
What Is Happening With Mike Johnson’s Money?
This isn’t remote work. Why can’t Alabama politicians just live in their districts?
A Billion-Dollar Fraud In Plain Sight
More thoughts on the enshittification of academic social media
The Joy and the Limits of Picking Yourself
U.S. Hostage Rescue Is A ‘Contingency’ for U.S. Special Ops in Israel
Ady Barkan, Activist Who Used His Illness To Advance Progressive Causes, Dies
Power Inversion
The New York Times publishes its most cowardly piece yet on the Republican march to fascism
D.C. sues landlords, RealPage, alleges collusion to increase rents
Historical narratives about the COVID-19 pandemic are motivationally biased
‘They Want Us Out Of Here’: A Fight Brews Over Liquor Licenses In D.C.’s Shaw Neighborhood
The lessons of DC’s circles and squares
A Virginia GOP State Rep. Built Her Political Career On A Story That Doesn’t Add Up: Tara Durant claims an “angry mob” of Black Lives Matter protesters “assaulted” her car in 2020. Newly obtained police reports suggest something different.
D.C. Unveils Its Newest Solution To Car Theft: Apple AirTags
So You Can Do That
The Co-Dependency of Bibi and Hamas
Mike Johnson’s Long Flirtation With Christian Nationalism: The new speaker has a lengthy association with far-right activism.

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