Links 10/30/23

Links for you. Science:

Vesicle-enriched secretomes alter bacterial competitive abilities and are drivers of evolution in microbial communities
Sanders Seeks Investigation of NIH Licensing Practices
An atlas of continuous adaptive evolution in endemic human viruses
COVID-19 that confines you to bed for several days most likely to lead to long COVID, study finds (paper here; one critical point is that the rate of significant long COVID symptoms is non-trivial even in the best case)
Antigenicity and receptor affinity of SARS-CoV-2 BA.2.86 spike
Cats have nearly 300 facial expressions: Study reveals surprising social depth, which may be due to co-evolution with humans


A new poll has chilling findings about political violence and 2024: Unsurprisingly, Trump supporters, especially white evangelicals, are in the vanguard of this movement.
A year later, Musk’s X is tilting right. And sinking. The billionaire bought Twitter to revive its business and make it less “woke.” He has succeeded at only one of those goals. (gift link; GO ANTI-WOKE, GO BROKE AMIRITE?)
Larry Summers And The Crypto Con
Republicans delay more than $1 billion in HIV program funding. Life-saving PEPFAR program has been ensnared for months in a broader political fight around abortion
Many Israelis are furious at their government’s chaotic recovery efforts after Hamas attack
Accounts Musk recommended on X belong to a teenager and a U.S. soldier. Both gained thousands of followers after Musk cited them at the start of the Israel-Hamas war. Both post antisemitism and Russian propaganda. (Elon is a sooper brain genius)
Former At-Large Candidate Lisa Gore is Pissing Off Progressives As She Contemplates a Council Run in Ward 4
Republican radicalization takes its toll
Will Anyone Hold Larry Summers Responsible for His Promotion of a Crypto Scam?
Surveillance soldiers warned of Hamas activity on Gaza border for months before Oct. 7: Survivors of massacre on IDF base say they passed information up the chain of command on digging, mapping, training near the fence long before mass onslaught, but were ignored
Janeese Lewis George Wants to Support Local News With Government Funding. Voters Would Decide Who Gets the Money.
Cicadas Are ‘Little Hamburgers Falling From The Sky,’ Disrupting The Food Web Every 17 Years
Make Bluesky a Cooperative
Musk’s plan X: keep users in the dark, feed them dung and watch sales mushroom
How Trump’s MAGA movement helped a 29-year-old activist become a millionaire
MAGA Republicans are normalizing violent threats
Longer Commutes, Shorter Lives: The Costs of Not Investing in America (of course, Leonhardt doesn’t feel the same way about public health, so…)
What It Takes to Choose Life Over Revenge
Melissa DeRosa’s Revenge Campaign: With an eviscerating new book, Andrew Cuomo’s former lieutenant is settling scores and prepping a comeback.
America Must Find a Way to Ensure Israel Crushes Hamas without Destroying Gaza
Millennials and Gen Z Are Tilting Left and Staying There
This new data poisoning tool lets artists fight back against generative AI
Tom Emmer drops speaker bid within hours: The MAGA cult is in a death spiral. For Trump loyalists, the possibility of total government collapse is basically a positive
It Shouldn’t Be This Easy to Lose Your Health Insurance
The lurker: It didn’t matter if she knew you — if you were a professor and Asian American, you were a potential target.
Lawsuit accuses Abercrombie & Fitch of funding sex-trafficking operation (?!?)

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  1. dr2chase says:

    The problem with Leonhardt’s article is that it could be shortened to “conservatives are greedy underinvesting seed-corn-eating dumbshits who should not be allowed anywhere near any part of our government” but that is too accurate and concise for those nadless wussies at the New York Times.

    We have needlessly inefficient transportation, housing, healthcare, and education, all because of fucking conservatives. Give it time, and that will catch up with us.

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