Links 10/24/23

Links for you. Science:

Novavax versus mRNA vaccine
Scientists Offer a New Explanation for Long Covid
Apples of the future take root in the nation’s strategic fruit repository
Bacteria can selectively infiltrate solid tumors and clearly mark them as invaders
Neurologic Effects of SARS-CoV-2 Transmitted among Dogs
The effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccine in the prevention of post-COVID conditions: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis of the latest research


The 45-Year-Old Virgin: Why Nobody Likes Ron DeSantis
An Invasion of Gaza Would Be a Disaster for Israel
Porto synagogue vandalised in wake of Hamas terror
She’s so unusual: Happy 40th to Cyndi Lauper’s iconic debut album
Trump Doral event with Eric Trump will feature a Hitler-promoting antisemite who killed someone: This is at least the fourth Hitler-promoting antisemite who’s toured with Eric Trump
How the conspiracy-fueled Epoch Times went mainstream and made millions
The Massacre in Israel and the Need for a Decent Left
Facing Scrutiny, a Museum That Holds 12,000 Human Remains Changes Course
The Suburban Promise of Sanded-Off Edges: It would be easier to believe suburban disdain for major cities if they didn’t keep using cities as templates for their desires.
Latest Covid update for England: 12 Oct 2023
Victim-blaming is a crime to so many progressives. Except when it comes to Jews
Jerusalem Catholic Patriarch offers to be exchanged for Gaza hostages
Hamas’ barbarity broke my heart. Some of my friends are breaking it a second time
Across Israel, Jews and Arabs Join Forces to Help War Victims and Prevent Riots: In Haifa and Jaffa, joint Jewish and Arab patrols seek to prevent violence on both sides. In the south, Bedouin residents risk their lives to search for victims of Hamas terror. In the shadow of war, Arab-Jewish solidarity initiatives emerge
America’s zombie “crime wave”
Twilight of the Heroes of Capitalism: How Michael Lewis got duped by Sam Bankman-Fried.
The German chancellor condemns a firebomb attack on a Berlin synagogue and vows protection for Jews
CDC ends Biobot Analytics contract for wastewater surveillance of COVID pandemic
Getting the News Has Never Been More Complicated
Why Big Tech, Cops, and Spies Were Made for One Another
Donald Trump Has Never Had to Hide in a Fridge
What Happened to San Francisco, Really?
Bosses Have a Problem: People Are Actually Using Sick Days
The NIH’s ‘How to Become a Billionaire’ Program: An obscure company affiliated with a former NIH employee is offered the exclusive license for a government-funded cancer drug.
Fog of War, Rush to Judgment and the Day After
The DOJ Is Cracking Down on the Dumbest Form of Climate Denialism

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