Links 10/23/23

Links for you. Science:

Escherichia coli plasmidome maps the game of clones
Lab Leak Fight Casts Chill Over Virology Research: Scientists doing “gain-of-function” research said that heightened fears of lab leaks are stalling studies that could thwart the next pandemic virus.
Only 1950s Kids Will Recognize This Endangered Fish
Serotonin levels are depleted in long Covid patients, study says, pointing to a potential cause for ‘brain fog’
Neanderthal cuisine: Excavations reveal Neanderthals were as intelligent as Homo sapiens
SARS-CoV-2 evolution in the Omicron era


‘Inconvenient,’ ‘wasteful,’ ‘frustrating’: Students react to removal of paper towels, air purifiers from on-campus housing
The Apotheosis of Jim Jordan Is a Sight to Behold
More than a third of Nevada students chronically absent, continuing pandemic-era trend
Speaker Jordan’s Toxic Baggage
How to fix the internet
How I stopped a department from spamming the entire university: “Seeking Seymour Butts for delivery purposes”
DC Vote, One of the City’s Leading Statehood Advocacy Groups, is Struggling Financially. What Does That Mean for the Movement?
Shock at Attack, Fury at Failure: How Netanyahu’s Approval Ratings Have Hit Rock Bottom in Israel
Metro was almost built without elevators. Here’s how we avoided that mistake.
Austin’s office market is exploding. But no one is moving in.
You Have To Explain What A Bunch Of Demented Evil Freaks They Are
The U.S. should back Israel firmly, but not unquestioningly
Donald Trump’s 2024 Collusion Strategy Comes Into Focus
Empathy for Palestinians cannot mean sympathy for Hamas
The Democratic Doom Loop Of Timidity: Too timid to tackle Biden’s main liability directly; too timid to challenge him over it
Why is American democracy on the brink? Blame the Constitution.
Yes, You Can Be Pro-Palestine and Anti-Hamas
Six Reasons Why Liberals Should Salivate at a Speaker Jordan
I’m Going to War for Israel. Palestinians Are Not My Enemy.
The Smart Corporate Tax Idea That Might Have Prevented the UAW Strike
Why Are All My Friends So Horrible
Tesla whistleblowers filed a complaint to the SEC in 2021, but the agency never interviewed them. Here’s what the complaint said
Mayoral candidate Gabrielle Hanson loses endorsement over white supremacist connection (and this too. Jeepers)
Spurious Spy Now Runs RFK, Jr. Campaign
The Moral Calm Before the Storm: How a Theory of Moral Calms Explains the Covid-Related Increase in Parents’ Refusal of Vaccines for Children
Forget privacy: you’re terrible at targeting anyway

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