Links 10/21/23

Links for you. Science:

Flu And RSV Could Be On The Rise Nationwide: The CDC reported that cases are still low, but the viruses will likely spread.
Codagenix announces promising findings for intranasal COVID vaccine
Researchers record groundbreaking video of a wolf attacking a beaver (want to see a video of a beaver attacking a wolf tho…)
Teen Brains at Risk: Common Herbicides Linked to Cognitive Dip
Trial By Error: Authors of Dutch Long Covid Paper Contradict Each Other
Covid Nasal Vaccines Get A Boost


Fetterman: America ‘not sending their best and brightest’ to Congress
Netanyahu Is Losing the War at Home: Incompetence against Hamas and indifference to Israeli suffering has the public boiling over.
Republicans rally around loser Trump’s victimhood schtick
Republicans eye expanding McHenry’s powers amid leadership fallout (FFS, just read Howie Klein already; McHenry does not want the spotlight)
Putin cautions Israel against using tactics in Gaza like Nazi siege of Leningrad (added mostly for the lolwut)
How a Grinnell fender-bender fueled a misleading campaign narrative
Cameras, cops and paranoia: How Amazon’s surveillance network alters L.A. neighborhoods (for most people, crime is a matter of misperception, not reality)
The trust Biden built with Israelis doesn’t come with a blank check
Israelis blame gov’t for Hamas massacre, say Netanyahu must resign – poll
‘Starter Cars’ Go the Way of Starter Homes
It’s Alexandria’s Turn To Zone For More Housing. What Do Residents Think?
GOP House Members Lambast D.C. Officials Over Violent Crime (Again)
Names and faces of Harvard students linked to an anti-Israel statement were plastered on mobile billboards and online sites
The House GOP Is Irretrievably Broken
He spent a lifetime collecting the blues. The Smithsonian listened.
Philanthropist couple leaving Harvard Kennedy School board over university’s response to Hamas attack
An Election In This State Could Have National Consequences For Abortion
Americans experience a false social reality by underestimating popular climate policy support by nearly half
Confirming the Worst Hamas Atrocities: Inside Israel’s Center for the Identification of the Dead
Statement by Congressman Jamie Raskin: “The Terrorist Attacks on Israel, Israel’s Right of Self-Defense, the Laws of War, Hostage-Taking, and the Protection of Two Million Palestinian Civilians in Gaza”
Toward a Humane Left: To hold everyone’s humanity—that is the task of the hour. (and follow up here)
Israel’s Calamity—and After: October 7, 2023, will be a date etched in Jewish history.
As climate risks mount, the insurance safety net is collapsing
Six Months Ago NPR Left Twitter. The Effects Have Been Negligible
22 Democrats Sponsor a Bill That Could Censor Abortion Info From the Internet
Covid Inquiry: 6 Shocking Moments You May Have Missed (UK)
Will the United States Be the Next Israel? War in the Middle East is a warning of what can happen when politicians put their own ends above national security.

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