Links 10/20/23

Links for you. Science:

New research finds that ancient carbon in rocks releases as much carbon dioxide as the world’s volcanoes
South American monsoon heading towards ‘tipping point’ likely to cause Amazon dieback
Yes, everyone should get an updated Covid-19 vaccine
Why you should be lazy and leave your leaves in the yard
Forty percent of Antarctica’s ice shelves are shrinking, worrying scientists
A sudden spike in global warmth is so extreme, it’s mysterious


The Coronavirus Still Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings: The Covid-19 pandemic is not a state of mind—and telling us not to panic isn’t healthcare.
What It Would Mean to Treat Hamas Like ISIS (important read)
Moms for Liberty meets its match: Parents in this swing suburban district are fighting back: Republicans hope to use education wars to turn purple suburbia red. In one Pennsylvania district, that backfired
Joe Biden age update
At House subcommittee hearing, agreement that D.C.’s in a crime crisis (““No section of this city can be considered safe anymore,” said Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) in his opening statement.” My neighborhood seems fine though…)
Caroline Ellison says she felt ‘relief not to have to lie any more’ after FTX collapse
Why Don’t Republicans Just Run on the Economy, Stupid?
Proposed Metro Fare Evasion Bill Faces Skepticism From Residents, Councilmembers
DC residents vote on new name for Dave Thomas Circle in NoMa
Moms for Liberty’s school board takeover strategy is meeting pushback
A storm is brewing in the Senate, too
Charles Koch’s audacious new $5 billion political scheme
How to think morally about the Israel-Hamas war: Massacring civilians is neither decolonization nor self-defense.
Here’s how we know the Republican Party has become an autocratic movement
Does the Supreme Court’s Cherry-Picking Inject Politics Into Judging?
Power And Decency
The Enshittification of Amazon Continues…The System Isn’t Designed to Help You: If climate change doesn’t kill you, it will bankrupt you.
Stanford instructor removed for targeting Jewish students as ‘colonizers’ after Hamas attack on Israel
The Senate is a problem in the Israel crisis. Democrats are fed up.
He was a peace activist with a PhD. In dying, Hayim Katsman saved 3 other lives: His grandparents were Holocaust survivors. He was murdered by Hamas on the kibbutz he loved
Media Sites That Have Left Twitter Aren’t Missing The Traffic
‘Top secret’ Hamas documents show that terrorists intentionally targeted elementary schools and a youth center
Stunning State Department Memo Warns Diplomats: No Gaza ‘De-Escalation’ Talk
I Don’t Want to Be Friends with Kendall Jenner
Rep. Brian Mast wears an IDF uniform to House Republican meeting (tired of assholes being willing to fight to the last Israeli and Palestinian)
Understanding Hamas’s Genocidal Ideology: A close read of Hamas’s founding documents clearly shows its intentions. (the newer version removes much of this, but a force willing to execute small children at close range clearly hasn’t abandoned the ideology)

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