Links 10/19/23

Links for you. Science:

Antibiotics from rare actinomycetes, beyond the genus Streptomyces
How open-source software could finally get the world’s microscopes speaking the same language
More Than 10,000 Indigenous Earthworks Hidden in the Amazon Reveal Human Connections to the Forest Over Millennia
To cull or kill
Evaluation of semen DNA integrity and related parameters with COVID-19 infection: a prospective cohort study (COVID puts the clunk in ur junk!)
Benefits of near-universal vaccination and treatment access to manage COVID-19 burden in the United States


Among Americans killed or missing in Israel: A scholar, a nurse, tourists
The iron wall failed
This Is Fucked, Y’all
House Republicans are good at one thing and one thing only: This is what happens when your movement is built to get a majority, but not do anything with it.
How to keep junk snail mail out of your mailbox forever
The Retired Israeli General Who Grabbed His Pistol and Took On Hamas: By rushing to confront the attackers himself, Israel Ziv has become a public symbol of Israel’s former military successes — and its failure this time.
My 84-year-old Mother Was Taken Hostage. In Her Name, Too, I Plead: Don’t Destroy Gaza: My mother, and many of her friends on Kibbutz Nir Oz who were massacred, were people of peace, people who believe that there are human beings with rights also on the other side of the border fence
To get the Metro we deserve, transform parking into housing
Don’t be fooled by Nikki Haley’s soft-talk on abortion
Abortion bans in America are corroding some doctors’ souls
Jim Jordan’s new shutdown threat highlights an unnerving right-wing trend
Here’s What We Do and Don’t Know About the Effects of Remote Work.
Crypto was never more than a solution in search of a problem
The Israeli Military Wasn’t Ready for This
The GOP’s ‘southern strategy’ mastermind just died. Here’s his legacy.
Even Google Insiders Are Questioning Bard AI Chatbot’s Usefulness
Israel war: AOC breaks with ‘Squad’ to slam antisemitism at NYC rally
Heat for NYC-DSA after pro-Palestine rally
How a James Bond film made Día de Muertos absurd, in a fun way
She was told her twin sons wouldn’t survive. Texas law made her give birth anyway.
But not like this: On living and dying with ghosts
In Gaza and Israel, side with the child over the gun
The Cooperative That Could: How S Group became Finland’s most dominant retailer
Christian Nationalist State Rep. Brandon Prichard Insists He’s Not a Christian Nationalist
A Low-Income Housing Complex Was Lauded as a Model for Pulling People Out of Homelessness. Three Years Later, Tenants Are Fleeing.
The myth of the American “left”

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