Links 10/18/23

Links for you. Science:

‘Mind-boggling’ sea creature spotted off Japan has finally been identified
People who’ve had Covid at least 5 times describe how the illness changed with each reinfection (five times?!?)
Massive prehistoric solar storm is warning for Earth, researchers say
A watchdog group found a big flaw in a major environmental policy: Findings by the Environmental Investigation Agency point to a perceived loophole in the Montreal Protocol
How climate change is threatening your beer: Climate change is making it harder to grow hops, a key ingredient in beer
Maya reservoirs relied on aquatic plants like water lilies to help keep water clean


A Left That Refuses to Condemn Mass Murder Is Doomed (very good)
Why Culture Has Come to a Standstill (bad title, good article)
A Look at 8 Office-To-Residential Conversions Around DC (~1,700 apartments downtown)
Your Moral Equation Must Have Human Beings on Both Sides: Ignoring universal humanity is the path to murder.
Lost ‘holy grail’ film of life in Brazil’s Amazon 100 years ago resurfaces
It’s Dangerous for the U.S. to Give Israel a Blank Check to Assault Gaza
We Don’t Talk About Leonard: The Man Behind the Right’s Supreme Court Supermajority: The inside story of how Leonard Leo built a machine that remade the American legal system — and what he plans to do next.
The Qatari elephant in the room
Kevin McCarthy’s Downfall Is the Culmination of the Tea Party
Billionaire Ackman, Others Pledge They Won’t Hire Harvard Students Who Signed Letter Criticizing Israel (it’s a foolish letter, but twenty year-olds are fucking morons, and shouldn’t be blackballed for life)
“Real-world harm”: Schools targeted by Libs of TikTok evacuated after reported bomb threats
How a Social Network Fails: Elon Musk and Linda Yaccarino are making the same mistake that has tanked other social networks.
‘We’ve Been Shaken Out of This Fantasy’: How the Left Sees the War in Israel. A former top aide for Bernie Sanders on how Israel’s critics on the political left see the Hamas attack and what this means for deal-making in the region.
‘An end of American democracy’: Heather Cox Richardson on Trump’s historic threat
New York Public Radio Fires 20 Staff as High-Paid Executives Refuse to Cut Their Six-Figure Salaries
Silicon Valley’s Push Into Transportation Has Been a Miserable Failure
New front opens in abortion wars as pharmacies begin dispensing pills
Is Biden Old? Sure. But Compare Him to the Alternative
Miami University considers cutting 18 majors in the face of low enrollment
The McCarthy debacle barely scrapes the surface of how dysfunctional Congress is
The fraud was in the code
Charles Feeney, Who Made a Fortune and Then Gave It Away, Dies at 92
What Happened to Sweaters?
Hamas Seeds Violent Videos on Sites With Little Moderation
Fresh Off a Three-Year Contract Fight, Fears Grow That DCPS and the Teachers’ Union are Headed for Another Long Impasse
The Zoo’s Giant Pandas Are D.C.’s Unofficial Mascot. What Happens When They Leave?

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