Link 10/13/23

Links for you. Science:

A Nobel Prize and the Future of Vaccines+
Older adults make up two-thirds of COVID hospitalizations this year: CDC. Only a quarter of older adults received the bivalent booster.
Latest Covid situation in the UK: 6 Oct 2023
Building a queer- and trans-inclusive microbiology conference
Genetic tester 23andMe’s hacked data on Jewish users offered for sale online. The stolen data could cover more than half of the company’s 14 million customers who have made their information visible to relatives, including distant cousins
Climate change is driving many amphibians toward extinction. A new ‘gut punch’ of a study shows that more than 40 percent of frogs, salamanders and other amphibian species are at risk of vanishing


A Modest but Serious Proposal for How to Save the GOP From Trump: The push to dump the Electoral College is often framed as a Democratic concern, but it might actually help the Republican Party more.
People think drug use causes homelessness. It’s usually the other way around
X rolls out new ad format that can’t be reported, blocked: The new ads also don’t disclose who the advertiser is or that they are even ads. (Xitter gets Xittier)
America needs to talk about the right’s ‘Red Caesar’ plan for U.S. dictatorship: “Thought leaders” of the far right talk openly about a 2025 dictatorship. People need to be alarmed.
How the Costs of Car Ownership Add Up: Pandemic disruptions drove the expenses associated with owning a car through the roof, creating a financial burden that many drivers didn’t bargain for.
Elon Musk Decides ‘Who Needs Headlines, When We Can Just Have Pretty Pictures?’; Suspends Account That Made Fun Of Him
Sean Doolittle, Baseball’s Left-Wing Lefty, Retires
Twitter’s Debt Time Bomb & Linda Alarms
What Good Is Architecture on a Drowning Planet?
The Harvey Weinstein Story That Hasn’t Been Told
The Liberal Heart: A magazine’s revolt against the new.
Ukraine’s Darth Vader & The Pentagon’s Voodoo Economics
The Vanguard Party of the Christian Right
In Defense Of My Color-Coded Cold Calling Card System
The WGA Wins Its Strike, but California Workers Face Uncertainty: The Hollywood writers’ union scores an impressive win, while Governor Newsom sells out strikers on other fronts.
Beware Ideologies That Tell You You’re Better Than Everyone Else
Donald Trump’s Latest Threats Really Are About the Violence
People Like Us
Israel’s “Shocking” Intelligence Failure: Hamas’ attack exposes the intelligence world’s best kept secret
Director Of D.C.’s Troubled 911 Agency Defends Call Center Amid Staffing Crisis, Deadly Errors
The sure-fire way to save America’s cities? Do what Tokyo does.
How MAGA Corrupts the Culture of the White Working Class
Shots fired into front of Planned Parenthood clinic in Helena
‘What Is Broken in American Politics Is the Republican Party’
D.C. Board of Elections confirms voter data stolen in site hack
Angus Deaton on inequality: ‘The war on poverty has become a war on the poor’

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