Links 10/11/23

Links for you. Science:

Nobel Prize in chemistry awarded for research into quantum dots in TVs
Meet The Local Latinos Working On NASA’s Biggest Missions
Scientists discover how dozens of genes may contribute to autism
Effects of tea, catechins and catechin derivatives on Omicron subvariants of SARS-CoV-2
Locally acquired malaria case reported in Arkansas
Cold virus may set the stage for Long COVID


Musk is nearly done destroying what made Twitter Twitter
Yes, Buses Are Slower And More Crowded. Metro Says It Might Get Worse
The Moral Case for No Longer Engaging With Elon Musk’s X: The former Twitter is incentivizing violent content, which will only become worse to stand out to users.
Michael Lewis’ Front-Row Seat at the Sh*t Show: The author got a blurry view of Sam Bankman-Fried at a very close distance. When I met SBF, I had a very different impression.
What If The House Implodes
Americans don’t hate living near solar and wind farms as much as you might think
Social media traffic to top news sites craters
Republicans are in disarray. But they are still winning a lot on policy.
4chan Uses Bing to Flood the Internet With Racist Images
Coordinated ‘swatting’ effort may be behind hundreds of school shooting hoaxes
Another 62 ‘Girls Do Porn’ Victims Sue Pornhub for $600 Million
The GOP’s revenge plot against Pelosi is unhinged — but revealing
KOSA Won’t Make The Internet Safer For Kids. So What Will? (not convinced by this at all)
Due to Falling Enrollments, We Will No Longer Offer Courses in Romulan at Starfleet Academy
Mint Plaza Sleeping Pod Complex Dinged With Violations After City Inspection
Long covid: the doctors’ lives destroyed by an illness they caught while doing their jobs
Vaccine rollout is a mess today, but wasn’t during the pandemic.
How does a ‘frozen’ U.S. House function without a speaker? Everyone’s got an opinion.
Union pensions are funding private equity attacks on workers
Target says it’s closing 9 stores due to theft. The crime data tells a different story.
New Jersey GOP Candidate Who Smeared Poop On Day Care Blames Obama
Tennessee Woman Denied Medically Necessary Abortion Is Running For Office
Trump Blabbed Nuclear Submarine Secrets To Australian Billionaire, But It’s OK, That Guy Only Told Like 45 Other People: Oh so now it’s a crime to try to impress Australians? (LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS!)
Would Anyone Really Want to Pay for TikTok?
Canadian public libraries played an important role during the pandemic
Rep. Nancy Mace Is on a Tourist Visa to MAGAland

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