Links 10/3/23

Links for you. Science:

The fading of the mpox outbreak among men who have sex with men: a mathematical modelling study
A proofreading mutation with an allosteric effect allows a cluster SARS-CoV-2 viruses to rapidly evolve
Five discoveries about COVID-19 made since the public health emergency ended
Long Covid Is Real. Now the Evidence Is Piling Up. A new study finds evidence of hormone imbalances and other biomarkers that can cause symptoms to linger.
The impact of phage and phage resistance on microbial community dynamics
Scientists will unleash an army of crabs to help save Florida’s dying reef


Nobody Like Us Could Be Bad
Retail theft isn’t actually increasing much, major industry study finds
How social media is helping book bans spread
Utah father fights for transgender daughter’s restroom rights during school board meeting (look at the picture and note the cultural signifiers, for the little they’re worth, are not college-educated gentry class)
Age and political leaning predict COVID-19 vaccination status at a large, multi-campus, public university in Pennsylvania: A cross-sectional survey (the far left needs to be better allies to the disabled, as many left-leaning disability activists have noted online)
Steven Rattner: Part-Time Pundit, Full-Time Money Manager For Michael Bloomberg
There’s an Easy Way to End Government Shutdowns Forever
Biden’s $15 minimum wage for federal contractors blocked by US judge (Trump appointee, but no difference between the two parties something something)
Cliven Bundy and His Cows Continue to Flout the Law
A Philly thief accidentally stole a vacuum filled with hundreds of giant hornets
Montgomery County just passed rent stabilization. Now what?
Menendez Indictment Looks Like Egypt Recruiting Intelligence Source, Say Former CIA Officials: “Reading the indictment, it certainly appears like the Egyptian government was using a classic source-recruitment pattern to get Menendez and his wife to spy for them.”
Dax Shepard Podcast Ep Reveals How Uninformed Even Many Trans Allies Are
Trump Wants His Enemies to Fear for Their Lives
Easiest Marks In The World
Mainstream outlets keep falsely insinuating that Trump is attending a UAW union rally
Ask the GOP Debaters if They Support Trump’s Open Fascism
Transition Isn’t Like Drinking You Absolute Morons
The Hollywood Writers Strike Proved That Collective Action Works
Biden’s UAW Rally Exposes the Bankruptcy of Trump’s Populism
Right-wing judges are on a mission to stop the FDA from warning consumers about snake oil
See where federal workers live in the U.S.
The Man Who Trapped Us in Databases: Hank Asher was a drug smuggler with a head for numbers — until he figured out how to turn Americans’ private information into a big business.
President Drink Bleach says what? Trump now claims he beat George W. Bush and Barack Obama: Trump was already dumb, but he’s getting worse — yet MAGA doesn’t care. The press should cover his decline anyway
How much would your house be worth if the Trump Organization owned it?

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