Links 9/13/23

Links for you. Science:

Beetle grows ‘termite’ on back to steal food
Once-abandoned dogs are now trained to sniff out environmental clues
Amazing Discovery Claims Elephants Have Specific ‘Names’ For Each Other
A Three-Legged Bear Walks Into a Bar
Timing and Predictors of Loss of Infectivity among Healthcare Workers with Mild Primary and Recurrent COVID-19: a Prospective Observational Cohort Study
Impact of veterinary antibiotics on plasmid-encoded antibiotic resistance transfer


The Ground-Floor Window Into What’s Ailing Downtowns. City centers may have to be reimagined to solve the problem of vacant storefronts.
What Ginni Thomas and Leonard Leo wrought: How a justice’s wife and a key activist started a movement: Thanks to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, a trove of so-called “dark money” was about to be unleashed. Two activists prepared to seize the moment.
Chris Rufo’s dangerous fictions: The right’s leading culture warrior has invented a leftist takeover of America to justify his very real power grabs. (read the whole thing–the second half is damning)
FDA Takes Action on Updated mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines to Better Protect Against Currently Circulating Variants
Sam Bankman-Fried’s jail conditions offer a glimpse at systemic failure
In Its First Monopoly Trial of Modern Internet Era, U.S. Sets Sights on Google (the article operates from the frame of consumer prices, when that’s never been the sole goal of anti-trust law–that’s a fundamentally conservative frame which has enabled enshittification)
Congress Is on the Verge of Plunging Millions Into Food Insecurity (Republicans akshually)
Is the political climate in southern states driving a faculty exodus?
Will an RCT of HRT Finally Satisfy Critics of Trans Care?
“But how do I get [metformin? paxlovid?]”
At What Cost? Social safety net? More like social safety NOT! Three Covid-era programs keeping families above water will expire next month.
Silicon Valley’s vision for AI? It’s religion, repackaged.
Unconditional cash transfers reduce homelessness
Amid COVID surge, Republicans double down on doing nothing
They Did This to Themselves: By supporting the Liz Cheney purge and downplaying January 6th, Ron DeSantis and his conservative supporters dug their own hole. (note the lack of an invocation of Murc’s Law)
This is why Republicans want to defund the IRS
Google goes to court: On the eve of a major antitrust trial — and its 25th birthday — the company is bracing for a fight
The Cost of Childcare Is About to Explode
I Used to Love Marvel. Now It Feels Like Homework. I shouldn’t need to know exactly who did what and when in the first season of Loki to understand the upcoming second season. The MCU is just too much now.
More small airports are being cut off from the air travel network. This is why
Price guys finish last
Revisiting ‘The Real World’ and remembering Pedro Zamora
Keep calm and wary on
David Mugar brought fireworks to the Esplanade. Now he has a statue there.
Ukraine Update: This is why Musk owns us all
Musk Shut Down Ukrainian Attack After Chat with Russian Official

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