Links 9/12/23

Links for you. Science:

How prior and p-value heuristics are used when interpreting data
Novavax’s updated XBB.1.5 vaccine shows promising cross-neutralizing antibodies against new COVID-19 variants
Nationwide research looks to figure out how to stop spread of flu: Researchers now say it’s possible that the flu is actually transmitted not just by large wet droplets, but by fine particles as well.
Post COVID-19 condition after SARS-CoV-2 infections during the omicron surge compared with the delta, alpha, and wild-type periods in Stockholm, Sweden
Scientists used to love Twitter. Thanks to Elon Musk, they’re giving up on it
What’s Killing Baby Yellow-Eyed Penguins? Scientists in New Zealand have discovered two new viruses—prime suspects for what’s causing a pair of lethal diseases plaguing the endangered birds.


Silicon Valley’s Slaughterhouse: How venture capital fattened up startup culture to sell on the public markets — and brought out the bolt gun when things got tough
She was a child-free woman enjoying her Saturday. Then came the culture warriors. A short TikTok video about making eggs and watching TV turned into a flashpoint within the internet’s larger culture war over women and societal expectations.
Jan. 6 shattered her family. Now they’re trying to forgive.
The anti-abortion zealots using ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ as an instruction manual
Elon Musk Is a Threat to Democracy: How the owner of Tesla and Space X became a state within a state.
What divides political parties? More than ever, it’s race and ethnicity.
In Defense of Drug Decriminalization—Yes, in Oregon
Dennis Austin, the software developer of PowerPoint, dies at 76
The Wisconsin GOP’s New Attack on Democracy Is Obscene Even for Them
They confronted Proud Boys but don’t celebrate their prison sentences
Number of out-of-state travelers seeking abortions at Mass. Planned Parenthood grew 37% after Dobbs
The Tyranny of the Parking Lot: Finding space for cars has remade the built world. A new history uncovers just how much our lives revolve around parking.
No, most Americans don’t think that the 2020 election was stolen
Whopper-less her entire life, our critic tried one for the first time. Here’s what she thought.
New Mexico Gov. Issues Public Health Order Suspending Carry Of Guns In Albuquerque
The truth about my ancestors: Reckoning with the discovery of slaveholders in the family.
The “Coup Belt” & a New Cold War
Could Alabama punish people for abortions in Massachusetts?
A Legal Coda to the #MeToo Era
The “Cop City” Indictment Is Preposterous and Terrifying
Mucked Up: Burning Man becomes a hot, muddy mess
A Great Man Writing About Great Men
The U.S. Government Can’t Allow Elon Musk the Power to Intervene in Wars
J.F.K. Assassination Witness Breaks His Silence and Raises New Questions
G/O Media Gives Another Crash Course On Perils Of Replacing Human Journalists With Half-Baked ‘AI’
Michigan fake elector described planning with Trump campaign attorneys: ‘Mike Pence and Congress [to] make that decision’

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