Links 9/8/23

Links for you. Science:

Estimate of COVID-19 Deaths, China, December 2022–February 2023
Mystery as Female Hammerhead Sharks Found Gathering Under Full Moon (mebbe it’s a coven of SHARK WITCHES casting a spell?)
Fentanyl and heroin vaccine ready for human trials
Old World Medieval Treponema pallidum Complex Treponematosis: A Case Report
Risk of autoimmune diseases following COVID-19 and the potential protective effect from vaccination: a population-based cohort study
Evidence of leaky protection following COVID-19 vaccination and SARS-CoV-2 infection in an incarcerated population


Elon Musk is an antisemite (excellent, must-read; “But we can hold two things true at once: The ADL is not representative of all American Jews, and Elon Musk is an antisemite who’s singling out the organization as a stand-in for all of us.”)
The NYT Uses Trans Hate to Discipline Its Workers: Trans rights are labor rights. (excellent)
The Heat Death of the American Frontier: Getting ready for another Great Migration. (excellent)
How a series of errors cut off Baltimore’s access to $10 million in housing grants
Naomi Klein’s Journey Into the Unnerving World of Naomi Wolf
It’s past time for the media to stop ‘normalizing’ the nation’s march towards fascism
Donald Trump and the Pardon Debate: The senseless sloganeering that produced the phrase “too big to fail” during the Great Recession has a contemporary corollary: too big to convict.
Confessions of a McKinsey Whistleblower
Don’t you dare rake your leaves this fall
Reddit faces content quality concerns after its Great Mod Purge
Here’s to naps and snoozes
The Paranoid Style in American Plutocrats
Claude the koala eats thousands of nursery seedlings intended for NSW wildlife corridor
What’s happening to WVU: a concern for all of us. Cuts to humanities, foreign language, and literature also imperils science.
The Alabama Legislature Had It Coming
Scared Chicks
Section 3 of the 14th Amendment Has Trump and His Hordes Sweating Bullets
That’s Him, There, Officer
The Planet Is Now Cracking Up on Every Possible Level
Why Right Wing Crazies Are Trying to Destroy One of the Few Things George W. Bush Got Right, and Other News
Disqualification? Plus Some Random Thoughts on the Freelance Market…
A Putin Critic Fell to His Death in Washington. We Still Don’t Know Why. (this ignores the inability of MPD to solve homicides in general however)
Most Pro-Labor President in History? Joe Biden’s Not There Yet.
My Great-Grandfather Was a Racist: Once we take down Confederate statues, Texans must still grapple with monsters in the past.
Everybody Deserves Legal Representation

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