Happy Labor Day from Michigan Republicans

It’s like they wake up every morning and ask, “How can we be complete assholes today?” Seriously, this rhetoric about paid family leave is cartoon villain grade stupidity (boldface mine):

That quote was courtesy of a “Messaging Points” memo aimed at Republicans in the state House, apparently written by a spokeswoman for the caucus, The Messenger reports. ”Lansing Democrats want to take money out of your paychecks with a new tax to pay for summer break for adults,” the talking point reads. “It’s a ridiculous idea that people just can’t afford.”

Yeah, giving birth and taking care of a newborn is just like summer break. Recovering from surgery, same. Taking a loved one to chemo and then caring for them through the ensuing misery? A day at the beach.

Michigan House Republicans do support paid family and medical leave, another spokesman insisted to The Messenger, just … not in any way that would work as a state policy. As they put it, they oppose “burdening workers and businesses needlessly” or a “system that is going to let fraudulent payouts just go by without dealing with them.” But Republicans aren’t trying to work with Democrats to ensure that fraud doesn’t happen; they’re just opposing the policy on the insistence that it would.

Happy Labor Day!

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