Links 9/2/23

Links for you. Science:

Monovalent SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine does not boost Omicron-specific immune response in diabetic and control pediatric patients
Prehistoric bird once thought extinct returns to New Zealand wild
How scientists engineered a see-through squid with its brain in plain view
A ubiquitous mobile genetic element disarms a bacterial antagonist of the gut microbiota
Women working in Antarctica say they were left to fend for themselves against sexual harassers
Researchers Dispute High-Profile Discoveries of Cancer Microbes: Three studies in elite journals found that tumors are littered with microbes. But several teams have been unable to replicate the work.


You Are Not The Man In The Arena
Homeless people were given lump sums of cash. Their spending defied stereotypes.
Mark Meadows Is a Warning About a Second Trump Term
The Volunteer Moms Poring Over Archives to Prove Clarence Thomas Wrong
What aging looks like now
This month reminds us racism means always waiting for the other shoe to drop
Not Going To Read That (Murc’s Law violation)
A crackdown on ‘woke’ coverage is tearing Atlanta magazine apart
Welcome to the “You Do You” Pandemic
Nikki Haley is no moderate on abortion
The Things I Do For You
Nikki Haley’s emotional plea about racist ‘hate’ takes a wrong turn
Clarence Thomas: Jet-Setting Was Forced On Me By The Dobbs Leak
Matt Schlapp Held an Exorcism at CPAC Offices After Junior Employees Resigned
Millions More Workers Would Get Overtime Pay in DOL Proposal
Labor Dept. Proposes Vast Expansion of Overtime Eligibility
Mastodon’s Next Major Release Enables Full-Text Search
I Tracked an NYC Subway Rider’s Movements with an MTA ‘Feature’
One Of President Trump’s Georgia Co-Defendants Is Using The Case To Flirt With A Run For Congress
The Mystery of Long COVID Is Just the Beginning: At Yale’s clinic, medical sleuth Lisa Sanders is trying almost everything.
How Economists Distorted Economic Theory to Help Big Companies Get Bigger
A Texas law that could put drag performers in jail has been blocked — for now
Surprising (Or Fake Surprising) Only Dipshit Centrists
Hollywood studios have already lost the strikes. Now it’s time to surrender

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