Links 8/30/23

Links for you. Science:

In Florida, python hunters stalk their targets in the dark of night
Some tips for scientific writing
The hardest thing to leave: What do you do with your feeling(s) for the organism?
The Great Salt Lake Is Becoming Too Salty to Support Life
Harnessing the pangenome for genomic surveillance: Salmonella enterica serotype Typhi as a paradigm
Cultivating antimicrobial resistance: how intensive agriculture ploughs the way for antibiotic resistance


Give Me a Reason to Write, “The News Media is Doing a Great Job About Informing Americans About the State of Their Country!” And I Will
Technotage on the Rise? More Efforts to Stymie Job-Threatening, Sometimes Hazardous “Innovations”
Going broke for the Donald
Hundreds of hospital wards closed due to Covid outbreaks (Scotland)
This Is Public Housing. Just Don’t Call It That.
How Wealthy UFO Fans Helped Fuel Fringe Beliefs
Who’ll Stop the Raid? A little-noticed Justice Department case alleges that Alabama’s Medical Properties Trust engaged in ‘fraudulent conveyance.’
How the ‘urban doom loop’ could pose the next economic threat: A commercial real estate apocalypse — especially in midsize cities — could spiral into the broader economy
Will Fox Lose Its Broadcast License? A broad coalition asserts, with plenty of evidence hidden in plain view, that Fox fails the FCC’s character test.
Everyone should know the dangers of long covid
More Dog Owners Are Questioning Vaccines Like Rabies After Covid
How a file cabinet grew into a mail service for people experiencing homelessness
The end of the Googleverse
Brilliant Ideas from Our TechBro Betters
Davis library targeted by third round of threats
What doctors wish patients knew about wearing N95 masks
Ex-FTC Commissioner Faces Storm of Sexual Harassment Accusations
Round-the-clock speed cameras improve safety in a city that never sleeps. New York City saw a 25% drop in traffic deaths and a 30% decrease in tickets issued after state lawmakers let it operate their speed cameras on nights and weekends.
Georgia Republicans Say They’ll Move to Remove Fulton County DA Fani Willis From Office With New State Law
Opponents voice displeasure with library’s decision to keep LGBTQ book in teen section. (note the majority agreed with the libraries. The fundies, not us, are the weirdos)
A shutdown wouldn’t halt Trump’s trials, so Republicans seek to rein in his prosecutors
Urban Doom Loop
Maui’s Wildfire Recovery Is Haunted by the Specter of Colonialism
Qualified Immunity Faces an Existential Threat at the Supreme Court
Most of My Instagram Ads Are for Drugs, Stolen Credit Cards, Hacked Accounts, Counterfeit Money, and Weapons
How the kleptocrats and oligarchs hunt civil society groups to the ends of the Earth

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  1. Dorie Kavan says:

    You still insist on linking to Naked Capitalism despite the transphobic opinions of both Yves Smith and Lambert Strether.How can you countenance this?

    A comment from “semper loquitur” on August 19 Naked Capitalism that Yves Smith let stand unchallenged:

    [“It’s heartwarming to hear from The Hill that a number of midwestern cities are becoming sanctuaries for the trans industry and it’s victims. Here is the redoubtable Eliza Mondegreen at UnHerd sharing the delicate details of one gender “surgeon”:

    “Peters chides his fellow surgeons for clinging to a “binary” mindset when it comes to gender surgery, turning away from the wider world of “non-binary” surgeries, which encompasses procedures like phallus-preserving vaginoplasty (this is exactly what it sounds like) or gender nullification surgery (“removing all external genitalia to create a smooth transition from the abdomen to the groin”).

    and here is how you keep the raw materials flowing:

    “New gender identities are always being declared. Fresh surgical techniques and new patient requests keep emerging. And everything can always be made more “inclusive”: there’s always some new marginalised group to bring in out of the cold, like self-identified asexuals who nonetheless enjoy sex. Or eunuchs, who crave the legitimacy inclusion in WPATH’s Standards of Care provides.”

    Here’s a medical school “professor” talking about how children’s gender identities can change faster than you may think:

    “Ehrensaft made what some may consider fringe claims about gender ideology, including that kids can identify as “gender hybrids” which include a mythology-inspired creature called a “gender Minotaur,” and that kids can change their genders by season and can have different identities depending on their location.]

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