Links 8/17/23

Links for you. Science:

Wolves, once confined to fairy tales, are back in Germany, stirring debate
Core mitochondrial genes are down-regulated during SARS-CoV-2 infection of rodent and human hosts
Long Covid: Mitochondria, the Big Miss, and Hope
W. Jason Morgan, scientist at forefront of plate tectonics theory, dies at 87: He received the National Medal of Science for his foundational work on plate tectonics and the presence of volcanic “hot spots” called mantle plumes
Frequent, infinitesimal bottlenecks maximize the rate of microbial adaptation
Diagnostic Accuracy of Hospital Antibiograms in Predicting the Risk of Antimicrobial Resistance in Enterobacteriaceae Isolates: A Nationwide Multicenter Evaluation at the Veterans Health Administration


Most bosses regret how they mandated workers return to the office. They blamed it on not having enough data (“This is a watershed moment of innovation of how work gets done… but we’re still talking about the f–king watercooler.”; Embrace Technological Change, CEOs!)
‘Everything you’ve been told is a lie!’ Inside the wellness-to-fascism pipeline: One minute you’re doing the downward dog, the next you’re listening to conspiracy theories about Covid or the new world order. How did the desire to look after yourself become so toxic? (there’s a bit of a Murc’s Law violation, though)
Elon Musk’s X is throttling traffic to news and websites he dislikes: The site formerly known as Twitter has added a five-second delay when a user clicks on a shortened link to the New York Times, Facebook and other sites Musk commonly attacks, a Washington Post analysis found
Choose Your Fighters
The Coward’s Octagon
The Old New Republic
Wisconsin Just Delivered More Proof That an Elected Judiciary Is a Terrible Idea
Ruth Marcus is outraged that Trump faces justice. She won’t be the only one
Republicans introduce bill to repeal D.C. Home Rule Act (assholes)
COVID hospitalizations accelerate for fourth straight week (hospitalizations always lag cases…)
Climate change came for Maui. The rest of us are next.
Katherine Feinstein alleges Sen. Dianne Feinstein is victim of elder abuse in filings
I was on campus when ‘Animal House’ debuted. It changed everything. National Lampoon’s 1978 college comedy bred an era of excess, sometimes disguised as conservatism
At a College Targeted by DeSantis, Gender Studies Is Out, Jocks Are In (‘centrists’ wanted this outcome)
Babe Who? There has never been a ballplayer like Shohei Ohtani (for me, it was the ‘throw a 1-hitter 9-inning game, and then in your next 3 at bats, hit two home runs’ that cinched it for me)
Bomb threats and ‘swatting’ campaign hits dozens of synagogues
San Francisco Prices Are Sinking, and Property Owners Want a Tax Cut
Report on Anti-Gay Slur Could Put Local News Site Out of Business
Alarm at exodus of climate voices on Twitter after Musk takeover
What happens when thousands of hackers try to break AI chatbots
Newest “anti-woke” tantrum: Right-wingers don’t think kids of different races can be friends: A bizarre racist outburst at a Texas school board isn’t an isolated event — it’s part of a national pattern
Why can’t conservatives stop lying about Charlottesville?
Communication of COVID-19 Misinformation on Social Media by Physicians in the US
School district uses ChatGPT to help remove library books
“Teflon Don” is a collective fiction — it’s time to tell the story of Trump in jail: Trump still believes he’s untouchable, and so do his dangerous followers. It’s time for consequences that count
Miami’s Overflowing Septic Tanks and Trash Piles Test Appeal to Rich: As the city tries to attract more out-of-state workers and wealthy residents, it must deal with a multi-billion dollar environmental problem.

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  1. Lambert says:

    You might be interested in this piece on the development of CDC masking policy:

    “CDC’s HICPAC to Gut Hospital Masking Protection for Patients Based on Shoddy ‘Evidence Review’ (and in Further Violation of FACA”

    Thank you!


    P.S. Sorry to push the site, so far as I can tell, a comment is the only mode of contact.

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