Links 8/11/23

Links for you. Science:

Influence of Prior SARS-CoV-2 Infection on COVID-19 Severity: Evidence from the National COVID Cohort Collaborative
Efficacy of three antimicrobial mouthwashes in reducing SARS-CoV-2 viral load in the saliva of hospitalized patients: a randomized controlled pilot study
Microbe stops mosquitoes from harboring malaria parasite
Meet — but don’t touch — the toxic invasive worm that experts say has been hiding in plain sight
MassWildlife confirms first record of pinedrops in the state
MIT boffins build battery alternative out of cement, carbon black, water


Long Covid
‘Covid’s back on the board,’ and ER doctors like me are bracing for an awful fall: Even if the number of Covid hospital admissions and deaths stay on the lower end of estimates, the impact on our country’s hospitals will be significant.
Clarence Thomas’ 38 Vacations: The Other Billionaires Who Have Treated the Supreme Court Justice to Luxury Travel: The fullest accounting yet shows how Thomas has secretly reaped the benefits from a network of wealthy and well-connected patrons that is far more extensive than previously understood. (I CAN HAZ SMOL BILLIONAIRE FRENS TOO?)
Powerful Law Firms and Rich Property Owners Are Trying To Block a West End Homeless Shelter: D.C. wants to buy an old GW dorm and convert it into an innovative shelter. Wealthy forces opposing the project got some help from Councilmember-turned-lobbyist David Grosso.
The Montgomery Brawl Was, for Some, a Clarifying Moment
GOP donor Anton Lazzaro sentenced to 21 years for sex trafficking minors in Minnesota (it’s always self-projection…)
Don’t be fooled by the spin: Republicans are banning courses and harassing teachers out of their job. The confusion is the point: Educators can’t figure out what’s allowed, and are forced to give up teaching entirely
Trump’s Allies Prepare for Indictments in Georgia Probe: ‘They’re Coming for Everyone’
Florida Schools Try to Adapt to New Rules on Gender, Bathrooms and Pronouns (maybe Florida’s test scores dropped because of DeSantis’ obsession with trans people. I kid, but it would be fun to watch him sputter)
They Know Even Less Than What They Say
Maybe You’re Not Working Class … My review of “A Nation of Shopkeepers” by Dan Evans
Enraged By The Kids Today
How Black People Won the Battle of Montgomery: The lesson of the events at the Montgomery Riverwalk is that when Black people see something, we do something
It ain’t no fun if the writers can’t have none
Never Tweet: Trump’s megaphone is coming back to haunt him.
Can a Digital Artwork Outlast a 19th-Century Painting? The Answer Is Complicated as Artists, Dealers, and Conservators Battle Obsolescence in the Field
‘They’re Going to Shoot Someone:’ Michigan Republicans Warn of Civil War at Pool Party Fundraiser for Fake Electors
Conroe ISD trustee argues displays of racial inclusivity and pride in classrooms should be removed (“One trustee says a child was traumatized by a poster showing different colored children holding hands and had to switch classrooms.”)
White supremacist charged with threatening jurors on Pittsburgh synagogue shooter trial
GOP Candidate Plagiarized Massive Segments of His College Thesis
Not just the coup: Trump used the “aspirational” defense in the E. Jean Carroll rape lawsuit
By Seizing @Music, Elon Musk Shows He Doesn’t Know What Made Twitter Good: Since taking over Twitter, Musk has made mistake after mistake. His latest decision proves that he has never understood the average Twitter user—or doesn’t care to build a platform for them.
Haru the bull – raised among dogs, and now he acts like one too
Is Organizing A Coup Bad
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.—The Right’s Trojan Horse

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