Links 8/10/23

Links for you. Science:

Understanding the efficacy of wastewater surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 in two diverse communities
Why not to pick your nose: Association between nose picking and SARS-CoV-2 incidence, a cohort study in hospital health care workers
The post-COVID-19 population has a high prevalence of crossreactive antibodies to spikes from all Orthocoronavirinae genera
Scientists Show This Clever Fish Hides Behind Bigger Fish To Hunt In Degraded Coral Reefs
Rational design of a booster vaccine against COVID-19 based on antigenic distance
Tracing the genetic histories of ghost apes


Long covid has derailed my life. Make no mistake: It could yours, too.
Not just Trump: The Ohio abortion vote exposes the bitterness fueling the GOP war on democracy
The Correct Way to Argue with Richard Hanania
England to deny Covid and flu jabs to under-65s despite fears for NHS this winter (I can’t even comprehend why they would do this)
Judge orders airline lawyers to take extremist advocacy group’s “religious-liberty training”: U.S. District Judge Brantley Starr ordered three Southwest Airlines lawyers to take 8 hours of “instruction” from Alliance Defending Freedom as part of a contempt finding in an employment case. (Trump appointee)
WSJ Editorial Page
Even Republican election officials get harassed and attacked by MAGA nuts
West End Property Owners Sue To Stop Construction Of A Shelter In Old GW Dorm
Who Runs The Universities
Bad Immigration Policies Are Killing America’s Dairyland
The Cardboard-Box Billionaires Are at It Again, This Time in Ohio: The Uihleins have put millions of dollars toward preventing a vote on abortion in the state. (they lost though!)
Florida school board reverses decision nixing access to children’s book about a male penguin couple
Metrorail Safety Commission Says Automatic Train Operation Not Ready For Primetime
Vacation for Me, Not for Thee: European Workers’ Hard-Won Summer Vacation Tradition Is Slowly Being Taken Away
‘We Live In A Very Wicked Time’: Residents, Lawmakers Exasperated By D.C.’s Violent Summer
Data suggests fears of bike lane-induced vehicle traffic nightmare on Old Georgetown Road are unfounded
Ohio voters reject measure aimed at blocking abortion rights amendment
Previously Secret Memo Laid Out Strategy for Trump to Overturn Biden’s Win
Trees? Not in My Backyard. A story about three trees, an angry “community,” and power in Washington, D.C.
What Do The YIMBYs of Northern Virginia Want?
Robbie Robertson, Master Storyteller Who Led the Band, Dead at 80
First American City to Tame Inflation Owes Its Success to Affordable Housing. The Minneapolis area has seen an increase in rental units, thanks to a regional effort that included new zoning rules.
It Is Quite Likely That Some Of Our Faves Will Be Implicated
Remembering the War Crime In Nagasaki That America Is Desperate to Forget
Anyone Defending Richard Hanania Should Take a Long Look In the Mirror: He was racist before. He is still racist now. It’s that simple.
Oh no.

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  1. Hmmm why would they restrict vaccines to mostly people who can’t reproduce anymore? Hmmm. Let me think about this for awhile. Ugh.

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