Links 8/8/23

Links for you. Science:

Move Over, Men: Women Were Hunters, Too
Can Psychopathic Tendencies Help You Achieve Success?
Wastewater-based epidemiology predicts COVID-19-induced weekly new hospital admissions in over 150 USA counties
Carbapenem- and cefiderocol-resistant Enterobacterales in surface waters in Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana
Sioux Falls vet sees big spike in parvovirus infections in adult dogs
A Normal Person’s Guide To The Room-Temperature Superconductor Drama


Actually, we can’t yet ‘ignore COVID’ (these are very good responses to Jha’s awful op-ed, but they don’t mention that Jha actually failed to provide any actual estimates of illness)
A covid uptick is here. Good luck finding a free test. (But they’re ‘giving us the tools’ amirite?)
The Correct Way to Argue with Richard Hanania
Donald Trump Tried to Destroy Democracy
I’m not a racist but … The Richard Hanania Race-Science Side-Step
Here are the parts of D.C. Trump said became ‘sad’ after he left.
Jack Smith Has an Indictment. Trump Has a Massive Plan for Revenge
A Harvard library mystery: Was a Titanic victim’s rare book a fake?
McConnell had a bad day yesterday
Biofuels, Bitches!
I figured I would finally, definitively answer the question of “why do people think the economic is bad (and is that the case?)”. This is because it is easy to answer, and the answer is funny and will make many people mad.
Invasion of the Democracy Snatchers
Democratic congressman urging challenge to Biden might get primary of his own
Google Maps has become an eyesore. 5 examples of how the app has lost its way
California’s Teacher Shortage Is Dire: School districts across the state are struggling to fill teaching staff vacancies, so much that many will violate a new state law requiring public school districts offer free pre-kindergarten education.
Here’s the Intelligence Assessment of Donald Trump that the Government Can’t Write
Street parking in DC is way too cheap
Why homes often feel warmer than the thermostat suggests – and what to do about it
The truth about Iowa’s book ban: Legislators aren’t telling you what the law really says.
Eminent Domain for Overpriced Drugs
Metro’s customer service leader eyes navigation improvements: Sarah Meyer led customer service operations for the New York subway system before coming to Metro in April
How a Sexual Assault in a School Bathroom Became a Political Weapon
The average doctor in the U.S. makes $350,000 a year. Why?
Working Class Does Not Equal White
Why leftists should work their hearts out for Biden in 2024
How to Quickly Get to the Important Truth Inside Any Privacy Policy
The First Big Antitrust Trial of the Century Is About to Start

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