Links 8/7/23

Links for you. Science:

The Killer Whales of Eden and the ‘Law of the Tongue’
Apton (Super) Resolution to Be Acquired Fulfilled by PacBio
One More COVID Summer? A mid-year wave might be brewing for the fourth year in a row. Will it always be like this? (if we only have vaccination every twelve months, then likely for the next few years at least)
Symptom profiles of community cases infected by influenza, RSV, rhinovirus, seasonal coronavirus, and SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern
Bivalent COVID booster protects against poor outcomes better than 1-strain 4th dose (paper here; very good protection but unclear for how long it lasts)
Introducing KlebPhaCol: Advancing Phage Therapy


Frank Smith was locked up for eight decades. At 98, what would it mean to be free?
Prepare For Unprecedented Assault On Justice System If Trump Wins, Experts Warn
D.C.’s suburbs, not just downtown, are feeling the crunch of remote work: The commercial real-estate woes plaguing the District are also reaching the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor, Tysons and other business districts – even in mostly filled offices
“The Jury is Not Going to Believe” Trump’s Defense in the January 6 Trial: Legal scholar Jennifer Taub on Trump’s chances of beating the January 6 charges, what Jack Smith did right, Merrick Garland did wrong, and the road from here.
The GOP’s New Trump Standard: You Can Only Prosecute Him In Red Areas
Long pushed out when neighborhoods change, artists are fighting back, and getting help
There’s A Crisis Unfolding In Florida’s Waters. DeSantis Hasn’t Said A Word.
If Trump is convicted, Secret Service protection may be obstacle to imprisonment (either build a unique facility, or stick him in Gitmo; he needs to be isolated from other people so he can’t divulge secrets)
Another 2024 Republican Candidate Is Now Profiting Off Saudi-Backed LIV Golf. The upstart league is hosting a major tournament at The Greenbrier, owned by Senate hopeful Jim Justice — mirroring LIV’s relationship with former President Donald Trump.
Bad behavior at ‘Barbenheimer’ reflects a worrying trend. Drunken outbursts, public nudity and nonstop cellphone use disrupt packed theaters. Have people forgotten how to go the movies? (I think a subset of the bad behavior is due to COVID-related cognitive issues; remember, these are only a very small fraction of movie goers, so it’s quite possible)
Remote work is killing productivity, the experts and CEOs say—except it just surged the most in nearly 3 years
Residents, business owners confront D.C. officials over Chinatown crime (note the decision to prosecute in the mainland colony is a federal one, not local)
Clarence Thomas’s $267,230 R.V. and the Friend Who Financed It: The vehicle is a key part of the justice’s just-folks persona. It’s also a luxury motor coach that was funded by someone else’s money.
How Bronze Age Pervert Charmed the Far Right. An internet personality who espouses fascism, racism, and bodybuilding has won influential converts.
Tech firm Zoom tells its staff to return to office
Does Hunter Biden Matter?
The ‘Nantucket-ization’ of P-town
Climate Denial May Escalate Into a Total Rupture With Reality
This New England neo-Nazi group is getting bigger and scarier, experts say. Most troubling: Military vets fill its ranks.
Moderates, Not Leftists, Have Created the Crises in Democratic Cities
The dirty little secret that could bring down Big Tech
Grindr Forces Workers Back to Office for Trying to Unionize, Organizers Say in Complaint
How Mattel Tried to Silence Me And Other Young Women Writing About Body Image
Trump Is Finally Being Held Accountable for His B.S.
Fleeing Elon Musk’s X, the quest to re-create ‘Black Twitter’
It’s Capitalism, Stupid: The sly myopia of David Brooks

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