Links 8/5/23

Links for you. Science:

The challenges of the genome-based identification of antifungal resistance in the clinical routine
Estimates of Bivalent mRNA Vaccine Durability in Preventing COVID-19–Associated Hospitalization and Critical Illness Among Adults with and Without Immunocompromising Conditions — VISION Network, September 2022–April 2023
A Room-Temperature Superconductor? New Developments
Human microbiome myths and misconceptions
Cosmic Question Mark Spotted in Deep Space Suggests the Universe Is Stumped
Major data analysis errors invalidate cancer microbiome findings


The Fog of Infowar (excellent)
Rightwing Dreams of American Reconquista (excellent)
The Critical Election Republicans Are Hoping You Won’t Notice (if you’re in Ohio, please vote)
This Is the Most Frightening Part of the Trump Indictment (abolishing the electoral college would help)
The biggest misconception about Trump’s third criminal indictment
Riding the COVID-19 waves: 2023 style (some good information also about what to do if you do get infected)
What Can You Do When A.I. Lies About You?
Experts warn the U.S. lacks COVID resources as cases tick up again
Lawsuit: Trans student was denied use of girls’ restroom at Platte County High, subject to verbal harassment (good job centrist pundits who legitimized anti-trans bigotry, you motherfuckers)
Trump’s Jan. 6 defense strategy: “Flood the zone with sh*t”. Trump and his defenders resort to his Big Lie tactics: Spew so much nonsense that debunkers can’t keep up (nothing in movement conservatism makes sense except in the light of creationism–with apologies to Dobzhansky)
My farewell love letter to Boston
Sen. Duckworth took her daughters to see ‘Barbie.’ Because she uses a wheelchair, she had to wait outside.
Wokeness (“These dipshists believe in hierarchy much more than conservatives do – including polite versions of the skull measuring kind.”)
Wall Street Stokes Culture War to Fight Swipe Fee Reform (I’ve seen these ads; they’re truly bizarre)
Gay Louisiana doctor says he’s leaving the state over its ‘discriminatory’ legislation: Dr. Jake Kleinmahon, who is just one of three pediatric heart doctors with his specialty in Louisiana, said he feels like the state has targeted families like his.
Jay Powell’s Federal Reserve: Protection for Bankers, Pain for Everyone Else
Why so many Hawaii residents are obsessed with Trader Joe’s
Health Care’s Intertwined Colossus: How decades of policy failures led to the ever-powerful UnitedHealth Group
It’s justice that Trump, who wanted to toss Black votes, gets charged under a KKK Act: Donald Trump’s rise and his Jan. 6 insurrection are deeply rooted in racism. How fitting he’s charged under a law to stop the KKK.
Two million people have long Covid in France, new figures show
X will never be the “Everything App” but Uber might
How the Kids Online Safety Act puts us all at risk
The Secret Life of the 500+ Cables That Run the Internet
Gotta Admit They Had A Point
Houston man ticketed for feeding unhoused found not guilty: The Food Not Bombs volunteer was ticketed for feeding the homeless outside a Houston public library in March.

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