Links 8/4/23

Links for you. Science:

A Theory of Childbirth’s Evolution May Not Be What You’re Expecting (I LIKE BIG BRAINS I CAN NOT LIE)
How a Microbial Evolutionary Accident Changed Earth’s Atmosphere
When Ancient Eruptions Pumped Diamonds to Earth’s Surface
Could the Next Pandemic Start at the County Fair?
Henrietta Lacks’s family reaches settlement in extracted cell lawsuit (I wrote about this a long time ago)
Scientists develop breath test that rapidly detects COVID-19 virus


Jack Smith’s Indictment of the Entire Legal Profession (excellent, must-read)
Coup & The Gang
Merrick Garland Failed America: Jack Smith is doing the attorney general’s job for him, 28 months after it should have been done.
The Institutionalist’s Dilemma: On trusting the process after it’s openly failed
Republicans Are Fooling Democrats on Kids’ Online Safety
One Step Forward, 2 Back: CDC’s Proposals for Infection Control in Health Care Facilities
Innocence And Guilt
New York Lawmakers Want to Mandate Devices to Slow Speeders: Drivers who have received multiple speed-camera violations would be ordered to install aftermarket speed limiters on their vehicles under a state bill proposed Tuesday by two legislators. (D.C. should do this, and note the automated camera angle)
It’s So Easy
Q&A: How Corporate Medicine Destroys Doctors
U.S. v. Trump Will Be the Most Important Case in Our Nation’s History
The Oliver Twist: How orphan drugs became big business for Big Pharma
This Is How Trump Becomes a Dictator
Why This AI Moment May Be the Real Deal (dunno, but interesting)
The Vessel shows us how bad the vampiric ultra-wealthy are at making public space
Economists Support Nationwide Rent Control in Letter to Biden Admin
Political journalists are destigmatizing racism. (And no, anti-antiracism is not a thing.)
Trump is hoping his ‘free speech’ defense will work. It won’t
AP Psychology effectively banned in Florida because of gender, sexuality chapter
New York City Will Make Outdoor Dining Permanent, With Caveats. New rules passed by the City Council on Thursday will organize the haphazard but popular outdoor dining structures, but will force their removal in the winter.
The Age Of Mediocrity
The Elements of Offense in the Trump January 6 Indictment
Trump supporter has Trumpian attitude toward paying taxes
After a state law banning some lessons on race, Oklahoma teachers tread lightly on the Tulsa Race Massacre
As Covid rises again, US expert urges all to wear masks, says ‘should be alert when…’
Kagan enters fray over Congress’ power to police Supreme Court: The liberal justice offers a counterpoint to Justice Samuel Alito in the debate over ethics reforms.

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