Links 7/30/23

Links for you. Science:

The role of COVID-19 vaccines in preventing post COVID-19 thromboembolic and cardiovascular complications: a multinational cohort study
Fatigue Can Shatter a Person. Everyday tiredness is nothing like the depleting symptom that people with long COVID and ME/CFS experience.
These New Alzheimer’s Drugs Are a Travesty: They cost a ton, have major side effects, and there’s deep skepticism that they even work. So why are we pushing them on patients?
Descriptive norms caused increases in mask wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic
Dangerous fungus is becoming more prevalent. Scientists believe climate change could be to blame
Neuroinvasion and anosmia are independent phenomena upon infection with SARS-CoV-2 and its variants


After three years of cautioning Minnesotans about COVID, epidemiologist Michael Osterholm got long COVID (also note the section about budget cuts for public health)
The Ongoing Mystery of Covid’s Origin. We still don’t know how the pandemic started. Here’s what we do know — and why it matters. (excellent)
Elon Musk’s Unmatched Power in the Stars: The tech billionaire has become the dominant power in satellite internet technology. The ways he is wielding that influence are raising global alarms. (oh goody)
Tesla’s Dieselgate
Russians See Ukrainian Progress Where Others Don’t
The Low Cost of Lies
Shohei Ohtani Had The Best Day Ever, And So Did I
Chekhov’s Alan Garten: The Human Gaps in the Surveillance Footage Gap
Two Buyers of Hunter Biden’s Art Have Been Unmasked, Despite Attempts to Keep Their Names Secret
Tesla Sold a Myth About Batteries That Everyone Wanted to Be True
They Can Monster Anyone (Including Voters)
McConnell’s health complicates looming government funding crisis
Charlottesville Was a Preview of the Future of the Republican Party (from 2017, still holds up)
Downtown D.C. Is Still Struggling To Attract Office Workers, New Development
Cities are branding themselves into predictably unique products
How Feasible Is It to Turn Office Buildings Into Apartments?
It Will Take San Francisco Years to Install 8 Red-Light Cameras. Why?
Conservatives have already written a climate plan for Trump’s second term: Hundreds of conservative operatives outlined a plan that Donald Trump, or any Republican, could use to purge climate action from the federal government.
As groups celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act anniversary, COVID still looms large. The pandemic’s public health emergency ended in May, but with limited guidelines on best practices, disability groups making anniversary plans have struggled with uncertainty and a desire for normalcy.
A Small-Town Paper Lands a Very Big Story: In Southeast Oklahoma, a father-son reporting duo’s series on the county sheriff led to an explosive revelation.
Florida’s Black history standards are even worse than reported
Doctors in states that ban abortion can still refer patients elsewhere. Why are so few doing that?
Elon Musk Is Just Donald Trump Without The Decomposing Corn Husk Wig.
Alabama Is Defying the Supreme Court on Voting Rights
Anchorage mayor proposes sending homeless people to Los Angeles this winter (does LA get to send homeless people during the summer to Anchorage then?)
Congress is About to Pass a Very Bad Internet Bill. Here’s How You Can Stop It.

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