Links 7/21/23

Links for you. Science:

Making sense of the past: Columbus and the European syphilis epidemic
Caught in the act: Mammal found with teeth sunk in a much larger dinosaur
Professor believes nasal spray invention prevented him getting Covid
How to fight antibiotic resistance
Genetic cheat code might explain why some people catch Covid but never get sick (paper here)


A Black Man Was Elected Mayor in Rural Alabama, but the White Town Leaders Won’t Let Him Serve
Trump’s Attack on Black Votes Was There the Whole Time, We Just Didn’t Call It a Crime
American Theater Is Imploding Before Our Eyes
A Bunch of Attorneys General Are Champing at the Bit to Nail People Who Travel for Abortions
I Am Being Pushed Out of One of the Last Public Squares, the Library
It Takes Some Major Cojones to Defy the Supreme Court, But Alabama Is Doing It
In West Wendover, Nevada, Anything Goes—Except Planned Parenthood
A Candidate Who Is a Political Meathead and Is As Appealing As a Deer Tick Typically Has No Chance
‘Active club’ hate groups are growing in the U.S. — and making themselves seen
Tommy Tuberville pledged to ‘donate every dime’ to veterans. He hasn’t.
The Full 2024 Picture Finally Comes Into View
Why experts aren’t all that concerned about Biden’s and Trump’s ages
Hellish heat leaves Southwest in misery: Fainting, broken cars, sizzling sidewalks
Racial identity is more fluid than you might think
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says antisemitism and pedophiles are bad, yet he embraces both
Florida approves Black history standards decried as ‘step backward’
DeSantis attacks on Florida’s New College hit home as faculty flee
Blame capitalism? Why hundreds of decades-old yet vital drugs are nearly impossible to find
President Joe Biden wanted Gigi Sohn to fix America’s internet — what went wrong?
Justices are ‘losing patience’: Brett Kavanaugh skewered as a ‘lightweight’ in brutal analysis
Oh, No! The Senate’s August Recess Is In Jeopardy!
Charlie Kirk and TPUSA are fueled by far-right extremism
Is Tennessee a Democracy? What happened when a Republican supermajority gained control—and wasn’t satisfied (“In Tennessee, people have guns. Jim Cooper, the former member of Congress, told me that getting anyone to run for office as a Democrat in some rural parts of the state is difficult partly because Democrat and pedophile are so often conflated by Republican activists, and potential candidates are spooked.”)
BlueSky Ain’t It
Don’t Let Inflation Bury the Memory of a Government Triumph
Unions Are Trying to Save Hollywood From Its Own Foolish Executives

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