Links 7/19/23

Links for you. Science:

Exploring the ingenious science and science fiction of making things invisible. Greg Gbur chats about his book Invisibility: The History and Science of How Not to be Seen.
A Fossil Dream as Big as Texas. Andre LuJan’s ambition is to build a public museum focused on displaying the Lone Star State’s paleontological plenty.
The Challenges of Defining, Understanding, and Addressing Long COVID (noteworthy because Pfizer says long COVID occurs at ~10% rate and immune dysregulation is something to consider)
Using big sequencing data to identify chronic SARS-Coronavirus-2 infections
Neglect of a Museum’s Collection Could Cause Scientific Setbacks: According to sources familiar with the Florida State Collection of Arthropods, many specimens are deteriorating.


Flattening the Curve
The Hysterical Overreaction to Jayapal’s ‘Racist State’ Gaffe
Fergus Finlay: We need to recognise the recent acts of hate for what they truly are
Italy begins stripping lesbian mothers of their parental rights
An Ashkenazi Jew at RFK Jr.’s infamous dinner: What I saw and heard convinced me that Bobby Kennedy cannot be president
I took RFK Jr’s phone call long ago. Now I regret it
We’re Already Paying for Universal Health Care. Why Don’t We Have It?
Sure Why Not (lol)
Hollywood strike shows how even big stars struggle in the streaming economy (lots of horrifying details)
Thundering Voice From The Heavens
Harry Thomas Jr. Was Elected As Chair of the Ward 5 Dems. Opponents Couldn’t Find Anyone to Run Against Him.
UDC, Howard University Offer Free Courses To Train Next Generation Of Public Health Investigators
D.C. Jail ANC Scheduled for Transfer to Federal Penitentiary
Dream of Antonoffication: Pop Music’s Blandest Prophet
Nineteen D.C. Police Officers Are Under Criminal Investigation for Questionable Gun Seizures, According to Court Records: Prosecutors are dropping dozens of criminal cases, and courts are reversing guilty judgments due to alleged police misconduct.
Rescuing the Future from Silicon Valley
Biden’s Democratic Party is to the left of Obama’s. Thank a progressive.
Long COVID presents ‘unfathomable’ burden as health-care system reaches ‘boiling point’
Why We Should Politicize the Weather
Montgomery council torn over 6% rent cap compromise
AI tools spark anxiety among Philippines’ call center workers
An Arctic ‘Great Game’ as NATO allies and Russia face off in far north
How the Mayo Clinic and Uber Killed Efforts to Help Workers in Minnesota
The 2023 SCOTUS Awards
One More Reason Why the Court Needs a Code
D.C. Democratic Party Pushes To Keep Ranked Choice Voting And Open Primaries Off The Ballot

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    Democrats object to the Republican/Emoprog coalition, on their semiannual rampage to ratfuck the Party slate. Reasonable measures in response are implemented.


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