Links 7/15/23

Links for you. Science:

In search of fireflies, the star of summer
A New Explanation for One of Ecology’s Most Debated Ideas
This new fire-proof material is made from fungus and could save your home
The recency and geographical origins of the bat viruses ancestral to SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2
Some Squirmy Stowaways Got to the Arctic. And They Like It There.
The immunology of long COVID


GOP war on the FBI: Republican attacks on Chris Way echo ideology of Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh
The pandemic is over. But Dr. Michael Osterholm is still studying — and now fighting — COVID
An over-the-counter birth control pill is here. Where’s the pro-life movement?
Et Tu, Megadonor? Biden keeps getting thwarted by his very own centrists.
Intelligence Report Says Safety Training at Chinese Government Lab Complex in Wuhan Before the Pandemic Appears Routine (Pro-Publica’s sort-of mea culpa)
Downtown D.C.’s large federal offices are underutilized, report finds. The U.S. Government Accountability Office report comes as D.C. advances multiple efforts to revitalize the downtown corridor (note this was a pre-pandemic pattern)
Why AI detectors think the US Constitution was written by AI
‘This is a death sentence for me’: Florida Republican women say they will switch parties after DeSantis approves alimony law: ‘My fears are that they can take you back to court, and I don’t have the money for an attorney.’
Silicon Valley’s Quest to Build God and Control Humanity
Blood and the Machine: The Return of Reactionary Modernism
The Case for Cornel West 2024 Is Extremely Weak
Republicans celebrate their successful deception of voters
Various conservative grievances and hyperfixations
Burning pavement, scalding water hoses: Perils of a Phoenix heat wave
Right-wing misinformers and bad actors have already earned tens of thousands of dollars under Twitter’s new ad revenue sharing program
Far-right Twitter influencers first on Elon Musk’s monetization scheme
Could James Comer Really Be As Dumb As He Looks?
A Phoenix power outage amid a heat wave could possibly kill thousands, study says. If the city were to lose power for air conditioning, roughly half the city could end up in the emergency room
How to Sum Up This Supreme Court Term: Three experts help us sort through this term’s highs and lows, and the arrogance of this particular court.
Biden administration announces $39 billion in student loan forgiveness
A Federal Judge Asks: Does the Supreme Court Realize How Bad It Smells?
Disc Golf Shuts Down 5 Events Because Trans Athlete Wins Court Case. Disc Golf Pro Tour has officially cancelled five events just to stop transgender athlete Natalie Ryan from playing after she won a major court victory.
A “secure” system can be the most dangerous of all
Abortion laws are driving academics out of some U.S. states—and keeping others from coming
Close To 100,000 Voter Registrations Were Challenged In Georgia—Almost All By Just Six Right-Wing Activists
Twitter’s New Promise to Pay Content Creators Has One Big Catch. A stream of Twitter’s verified users have reported big payments from the company, but take a closer look at who exactly they are.
Anti-Trafficking Group With Long History of False Claims Gets Its Hollywood Moment

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