Links 7/14/23

Links for you. Science:

Differentiation of hypervirulent and classical Klebsiella pneumoniae with acquired drug resistance
Bees just wanna have fungi: a review of bee associations with non-pathogenic fungi
Feline coronavirus kills 300,000 cats in Cyprus – and many more could die if the strain reaches Britain (TEH KITTEHS!)
Replaying the tape of ecology to domesticate wild microbiota
Coronavirus Probably Spread Widely in Deer and Perhaps Back to People, U.S.D.A. Says
Repeat testing with a rapid antigen test may be required to rule out SARS-CoV-2 infection


America’s Student Loans Were Never Going to Be Repaid
Praise for Dr. Monica Gandhi: Ideally, leaders of American medicine would have had the courage to correct misinformation spread by their fellow doctors. At a bare minimum, they didn’t have to lavish praise on a doctor who repeatedly polluted our COVID landscape with obvious misinformation and falsely pacified people the worst was over, when in fact the worst was yet to come.
The Last Social Network: How Facebook’s IPO was the beginning of the rot in social media
The CDC is in crisis — can its new leader save it?
Politicians, scientists spar over alleged NIH cover-up using COVID-19 origin paper
Elite Multiculturalism Is Over: What the loss of affirmative action means to graduates like me
Dangerous drivers in DC to get mail, texts. Will it reduce traffic deaths and injuries?
Bowser Talks Incessantly About Tougher Criminal Punishments. Her Silence on Other Solutions Is Deafening. (most Democratic cities, including the mainland colony, have an executive branch governance problem)
Floods, Heat, Smoke: The Weather Will Never Be Normal Again
Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg Should Cagefight Then Go Away
By The Numbers
GOP official rejects Jewish groups’ flawed ballot requests but allows them from anti-abortion groups
Whenever You Feel Shitty, That’s Because Of Wokeness
It’s Not Learning Loss. It’s Brain Damage, and Schools Are Letting It Happen. (some of it is learning loss, but when you consider the neurological effects on a small percentage of adults, that might be enough to really ding test scores, among other things)
Shutting down the right-wing rabbit hole is possible: First, follow the money
Saudi Arabia’s Vanished Princesses: King Abdullah allegedly imprisoned four of his daughters. After his death, the princesses’ supporters say, they disappeared.
What to know about Opill, the first U.S. over-the-counter birth control pill
Nothing Left To Lose
Sea Otter on the Lam Steals Hella Surfboards and Looks Cool Doing It
You’ll Be Very Surprised Who’s Benefiting Most From Bidenomics
We’re All Mice Trying to Chew Through a Trillion Dollar Tree
Anchor Brewing Was San Francisco
House Republicans Advance Bills Targeting D.C. Traffic Cameras, Abortion, Elections, Gun Laws
“Orange Is the New Black” Signalled the Rot Inside the Streaming Economy
Dying Internet Blues

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