Links 7/6/23

Links for you. Science:

Intrinsic and effective severity of COVID-19 cases infected with the ancestral strain and Omicron BA.2 variant in Hong Kong
A Nobel laureate claimed antimale discrimination. An early-career researcher called it out
Investigation of a Multistate Outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes Infections Linked to Frozen Vegetables Produced at Individually Quick-Frozen Vegetable Manufacturing Facilities
Rapid Progression of Dementia Following COVID-19
How many Americans still haven’t caught COVID-19? CDC publishes final 2022 estimates (wrote about this here)
‘It was an accident’: the scientists who have turned humid air into renewable power


How Wingnuts Made Violent Extremism the New Normal (excellent, must-read)
Who died and made the Supreme Court a Congress?
American Cities Have a Conversion Problem, and It’s Not Just Offices. Piles of regulations, or “kludge,” and a culture of “no” are limiting the ability to turn building blocks into something new.
Judge blocks U.S. officials from tech contacts in First Amendment case
America Had More Than One Founding and More Than One Set of Founders
Abortion bans in other states fuel rise in high-risk patients at Chicago hospitals: ‘Doctors told me the baby could die tomorrow’
Too Many Nates
Josh Hawley puts white nationalist words in the mouth of a Founding Father
July 1776 Was a Shotgun Wedding
Google Says It’ll Scrape Everything You Post Online for AI
Computer Speed Gains Erased By Modern Software
Pro-choice Catholics fight to seize the narrative from the religious right
Cops Are Already Treating Self-Driving Cars As ‘Surveillance Cameras On Wheels’
The Little Exclusions
Thousands Of Residents In The D.C. Region Are Losing Medicaid Coverage
Starve And Die
UPDATE: Mississippi reading isn’t so miraculous after all
Paramount The Latest To Pull Titles From Paramount Plus Streaming Catalog For A Tax Cut And To Skimp On Paying Residuals
The impossible paradox of car ownership
Platforms are Abandoning U.S. Democracy
Now Steve Kirsch wants to “collaborate” with provaccine scientists? Steve Kirsch is known for his ludicrous challenges issued to vaccine advocates to “debate” vaccines. Now he wants to “collaborate” with provaccine scientists to test whether vaccines cause autism. His proposal is equally ludicrous.
Federal Officials Hatch a Three-Pronged Defense Against Another ‘Tripledemic’
How Mississippi gamed its national reading test scores to produce ‘miracle’ gains
Our two-party political system isn’t working. The fix? More parties. (provided there are ways for them to actually win seats and not be spoilers)
Paying to use a site you can’t use anymore
How to build a monopoly in less than a year

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