Links 7/5/23

Links for you. Science:

Obituary: Masatoshi Nei (1931–2023)
TB vaccine candidate to enter final trial, raising hopes of saving millions
Macro Photographer Discovers New Species Called the Singapore Tiger
Blood Group A Enhances SARS-CoV-2 Infection
Study maps potential African swine fever outbreak in southeastern U.S.
Persistent serum protein signatures define an inflammatory subcategory of long COVID (doesn’t seem psychosomatic…)


Here’s why people think Seattle will reverse course on homelessness
Biden nominates controversial former Trump-appointee to Public Diplomacy Commission (Elliot Fucking Abrams)
Free Speech
Mike Pence may not have pulled the trigger, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t party to the crime
Good For Something
The Supreme Court Just Opened the Door a Little Wider for Legally-Sanctioned Anti-LGBTQ+ Bigotry
Elon Musk blamed data scraping for strict ‘rate limits’ on viewing tweets. Twitter’s former head of trust and safety says it’s not the first time the site’s been broken by someone ‘bumbling around in the rate limiter.’ (good explainer on rate limiters here)
Damn! White People Win Again
Cyberbullying at the University of Chicago
Laura Ingraham’s show has often flown under the radar. But she has been central to Fox News’ controversies. Fox News is moving The Ingraham Angle from 10 p.m. to 7 p.m; viewers, advertisers, and others may be taken aback by the show’s extremist content
One in five doctors with long COVID forced to stop working or cut back hours
Gen X. Built different. (lol)
Are There Any Non Criminals Around
Movie Theaters
Welcome to the future, here’s your flying golf cart. Try not to die
Biden Can’t Hide From the Media Forever (agree)
Aggressively Wrong: What Sellout Scientists Did to Public Health, and Who’s Actually Going to Fix It
Elon Musk Finally Broke Twitter
This Year I’m Just Not In the Mood for Life, Liberty, and All That. This isn’t a loss of faith. This isn’t a loss of hope. But this country needs to become itself again.
The Next Targets in the Fight Against Affirmative Action
Can you trust a Harvard dishonesty researcher?
Frederick Douglass Knew What False Patriotism Was
Self-government is worth defending from an illegitimate Supreme Court
The slow, sad death of Twitter
Wisconsin Republicans block meningitis vaccine requirement for students
Bidenomics Is Working—Here’s Why the Business Press Won’t Say So

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