Links 7/1/23

Links for you. Science:

Genomic screening of 16 UK native bat species through conservationist networks uncovers coronaviruses with zoonotic potential
Pathogen genomics in public health laboratories: successes, challenges, and lessons learned from California’s SARS-CoV-2 Whole-Genome Sequencing Initiative, California COVIDNet
Long COVID: answers emerge on how many people get better
What’s Really Happening When a Cuttlefish Seems to Vanish
The Arctic and Atlantic Oceans Are Merging. It Could Be Disastrous.
Men experience a long-term drop in semen quality after COVID infection – even if the infection was mild (COVID puts the clunk in ur junk!)


The Right’s Campus Culture War Machine: How conservatives built a formidable network for ginning up scandal in higher education (must-read; “A reporter coming out of a campus media organization and starting at Breitbart can expect to earn more than $65,000 a year, while a journalist aspiring to work for The Nation, a historically progressive outlet, can hope for an internship that pays $18 per hour.”)
Spies just killed the lab leak theory (for now)
One Year on From Dobbs: The Dangers of Radicalizing Minority Rule. Reactionaries are pursuing a deeply unpopular political project. They might still succeed – because they are committing to ever more authoritarian forms of minoritarianism.
RFK Jr.’s Inside Job: How a conspiracy-spewing literal Kennedy posing as a populist outsider jolted the Democratic Party.
How Plastics Are Poisoning Us: They both release and attract toxic chemicals, and appear everywhere from human placentas to chasms thirty-six thousand feet beneath the sea. Will we ever be rid of them?
Who cares where COVID came from? I do, for one. But some motivations are better than others.
NYC mayor compared 84-year-old Holocaust survivor to a ‘plantation’-owner. The woman, a tenant activist, complained about rising rents. Critics say the mayor was wrong to accuse her of racism
“Culture War”
Top NIH Official Advised Covid Scientists That He Uses Personal Email to Evade FOIA
How to Remove a Tick
Artificial Intelligence Is Making The Housing Crisis Worse
The unconscionable move many hospitals are making
Who killed Google Reader? Ten years after its untimely death, the team that built the much-beloved feed reader reflects on what went wrong and what could have been.
Middle America’s ‘doom loop’: Work from home is crushing Midwestern downtowns
D.C. DMV Could Have Been Missing DUI Convictions For As Long As 15 Years
Trade Barriers
Prosecutors Indict Alleged Members Of Kennedy Street Crew On Drug And Gun Charges
Compassionate Conservatvism
The Continent’s On Fire Again, But Don’t Worry, Congress Is On the Case
John Roberts Is Already Frustrated With the Response to SCOTUS Killing Student Debt Relief
The Supreme Court Has Validated Every Bigot Who Ever Called a Talk Show
Broken Things
Against Testosterone Poisoned Society: Stop challenging people to fights and grow up, dudes.
Democrats, Wake the Hell Up! President Biden has amassed a historic record in his first term. Why aren’t he and his party bragging about it? (when Tomasky thinks professional Democrats suck at their jobs)
Of Course the Right Has Welcomed RFK Jr. With Open Arms. Roger Stone has said the quiet part out loud: The conspiracy-peddling Kennedy running in the Democratic primary could do damage to Joe Biden—and boost Donald Trump’s chances.
You Really Can’t “Debate” Your Way to Truth. What vaccines, the moon landing, and the Satanic Panic have to do with it.

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  1. ronzie says:

    Looking at his Wikipedia article, Adams’ positions are all over the map. He comes across as someone who says whatever he thinks he needs to to get ahead, is unserious, and a little dim. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he switches parties again and goes back to being a republican or “independent” or whatever he thinks will best serve his interests.

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