Links 6/30/23

Links for you. Science:

More than mcr: canonical plasmid- and transposon-encoded mobilized colistin resistance genes represent a subset of phosphoethanolamine transferases
5 people contract malaria within U.S. borders — first such cases in two decades
Why phage viruses could be the key to treating deadly infections — if they can be harnessed safely
Don’t get mad, get equal: putting an end to misogyny in science
Trove of new coronaviruses uncovered in bats — but threat is unclear: Horseshoe bats carry viruses closely related to SARS-CoV-2, but they probably can’t spread in people yet.
CDC issues malaria advisory as Florida posts statewide alert


Titans of Industry (excellent)
What It Is Like to Teach in the Cross Hairs of Ron DeSantis (must-read)
RFK Jr. Claims ‘Vaccine Research’ Likely Responsible for HIV and the Spanish Flu (with over 1.1 million dead from COVID, this should be immediately disqualifying)
NYC Has Left People With Long COVID Behind: Living with long COVID in NYC means living an increasingly lonely existence. (if you’re still taking COVID precautions, you are not the weirdo)
Trump Real Estate Deal in Oman Underscores Ethics Concerns
How Jeffrey Epstein turned the US Virgin Islands into a pedophile’s playground and helped elect a sitting member of Congress
We’re Now Finding Out The Damaging Results of The Mandated Return to Office — And It’s Worse Than We Thought.
Ready To Jump Into The Anacostia River?
The Death Cult of the American Car
Low Wages and Rising Cost of Living Are Driving More Into Homelessness as Government Tries to Hide Rather than Solve Problem
Matt Hancock says UK’s pandemic strategy was completely wrong
In Nazi diatribe, Trump calls for mass deportations of socialists and communists
It’s past time to address the problem of indoor air quality. A new technology can help
The Myth That May Have Doomed the Titan
How a miracle-obsessed megachurch conquered a California city
Affirmative Action For Rich White People
‘Who is the street serving?’: Bike lane battle brews on Boylston Street
The centrist mask comes off the No Labels group
Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld: “There’s substances in the water that reduce testosterone”
Expect a hot, smoky summer in much of America. Here’s why you’d better get used to it
The Roberts Court Draws a Line
Read the ‘let-them-eat-cake’ dissent of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson
Whose fault is obesity? Most of the blame rests with one culprit.
The (apparent) big lie behind the pending anti-LGBTQ SCOTUS case
Their Kids Died of Fentanyl Overdoses. Republicans Can’t Wait to Exploit It.
Supreme Court strikes down affirmative action at colleges and universities

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